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What good is a junior ski without a junior binding? The Z02 Junior from Hagan has a DIN settings that range from 2 to 7, perfect for those budding backcountry skiers and future skimo racers. Don’t make your kids suffer with heavier bindings while you waltz uphill on lighter kit. Thank you Hagan for freeing our kids from the resort boundaries. Now we just need avalanche awareness taught in elementary schools.

  • Step in toe piece and heel is familiar for kids used to alpine bindings.
  • Four riser heights lets kids pick from 0°, 5°, 10°, and 15° angles.
  • Double force retention and TÜV certified for release.
  • Compatible with downhill and alpine touring boots.
  • Comes with a ski leash, brakes are available.
Size Boot Sole Lengths
X-Small 225 - 280mm
Small 255 - 310mm

Note: These bindings are only compatible with junior (not kids) boots. The sole lugs must be the same size as adult boots, not the narrower and thinner ones found in kids boots.

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Weight (pair) 1640g
Boot Compatibility   Junior
Brakes (mm)   Optional
BSL Adjustment   225-280mm
Riser Heights   3 + flat
Vertical Release   2-7
Lateral Release   2-7
Crampon Ready   Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Family tours
Notes Boots need adult lugs
Bottom Line Future of the sport

Questions & Reviews

Question from Toby
Hi guys,

Looking for some bindings for my 7 year old 54lbs (25kg) boy ... relatively good skier in the resort but want to take him touring this year. The picture shows the lowest DIN at 4 butyour text says 2. Confused! Can you clarify please? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Toby, the photo was of the non-junior version of the Z02, but the Jr version did go lower. Sadly, Hagan discontinued the binding this season. You'll likely have to look at the Contour adaptors if his feet are too small for tech boots.
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Question from Joel Swing
at what size does a boot change from kids to junior in terms of the sole lugs ?
Answer from Cole P
Joel, great question. Junior boots usually start at size 22 mondo, and will be stamped with the letter A. All boots should be stamped with letter A or letter C, A for adult and C for child. Junior boots will be the same lug size as an adult boot so you will want to look for the letter A. You can also measure the toe lugs which should be 69mm wide by 19mm tall.
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Question from Sa K
What brakes are available? I'm wondering how wide the brakes are?
Answer from Cole P
Sa K, we do not have any brakes for the junior bindings at this time. Hagan has them listed on their website in sizes 87mm, 97mm, 107mm, and 115mm but unfortunately they are all sold out as well.
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Eric S (used product regularly)
These bindings are ok, but be aware that in slush/spring snow/sierra cement, they ice up something wonderful. The way the front of the binding pivots, it tends to compress snow under the binding, making things worse. The old Silvertta Pure Kidz binding was far better -- cleared the snow out beautifully.

Still, our kids got a few good years out of them, using downhill boots, before they grew into modern bindings (i.e. Dynafit tech-type). So overall, worth it.
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Question from Karen M. Quigley
What size do I purchase. My daughter is nearly 9 years old she is 90 pounds and 4'5" tall. She's an excellent down hill skier, started racing a little last season and wants to tour with us. We tend to do in resort uphill touring or minimally back country as we have other children at the ski resort and do not want to go too far away--ie: not snow camping and back country climbing (maybe when they all grow up and move out :-)

Answer from jbo
Hi Karen, the will work great for her then. The sizing is based off her boot size. If her current boots are at least 255mm long, she can go with the Small to give her more room for foot growth (vs the X-Small).
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Model: Z02 Junior

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