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Based on the Kohla Vertical Mixmohair, the Head Precut Skins are made for day-in / day-out use. Using the Smart Glue adhesive, you'll be greeted with reliable adhesion whether you are touring in brutally cold Montana winters or getting some spring laps in the PNW. Unlike other glues, the Smart Glue is easy to handle and pull apart, even in cold temperatures. The 65% mohair and 35% nylon construction find a compelling blend of weight and packability while remaining durable for many seasons of fun. Best of all, these skins are precut for your Crux skis, negating the hassle of trimming them yourself, and ensuring they are perfectly matched to the sidecut of your ski from the get-go. For a simple and reliable climbing skin solution, you'd best go with the Precut Skins from Head.

  • Perfectly pre-cut for your Crux touring skis and manufactured by Kohla.
  • 65% mohair and 35% nylon for a great mix of grip, glide, and durability.
  • Comes with a mesh carrying bag for easy storage when not in use.
  • Smart Glue adhesive is time-tested to provide reliable adhesion down to -22°F.
  • Fiber Seal backing material is waterproof to protect the Smart Glue in wet conditions.

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Model: Head Precut Skins

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