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Your face is the most common place to forget the Julbo Aerolites. Built on the same platform as the Aero, the Aerolite is an equally high-performance optic, only slightly narrower and even lighter. A rimless lens design paired with massive ventilation cutouts on the sides come together to form a pair of glasses so light you’ll forget they're on your face, leaving you frantically searching through your backpack while your ski partners watch (and laugh). The 3D Fit Nose and Air Link Temple systems use a rubber compound that dampens vibrations and will remain grippy throughout your tour. The Zebra Light Photochromic Lens is versatile enough to use any time of day, whether you're headed out for an early morning dawn patrol or a Sunday-Funday ski outing. While they aren't found in every Aerolite option, the Julbo REACTIV Photochromic lenses support the widest range of light conditions, provide ultra-accurate vision, and have the fastest lens transition speed. The REACTIV lenses have a clear base tint and work well in darkness, making these great for endurance athletes. We carry several sunglasses and goggles from Julbo with their REACTIV lens technology, but the Aerolite sunglasses are our lightest glasses featuring the REACTIV technology. The Aerolites have a wide field of vision and will help you see better in a wide range of conditions. First thing you'll notice after trying a pair of Aerolites on? That you don't notice them at all.

  • Panoramic lenses and full venting encourage airflow even at low speeds, yet provide enough coverage for protection from the elements.
  • 3D Fit Nose and Air Link Temple provide a secure fit while remaining comfortable throughout the day.
  • Photochromic Lens transitions between a dark or light tint based on UV Exposure.

Update 2019/20: Julbo's REACTIV lenses accommodate an even bigger range of light conditions. See the included charts (found in the product images) for an explanation of REACTIV lens technologies and the various different lens qualities.

Questions & Reviews

Question from TZed
How does the zebra light work for bright sun on snow conditions? Does it get dark enough?
Answer from Will M
Hey TZed,

Great question! We've found these to work well from dawn to dusk & everything in-between!
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Very nice design overall: large vision coverage yet low profile, secure fit yet feels like it's barely there.

The outstanding characteristic though is the Zebra Light lens. I bought these in large part because of a PDG race report by Patrick Fink at his Mountain Lessons blog where he reported that he used the Zebra Light lens during both the day *and* night portions of the race?!?

Sure enough, I used them for a nighttime skimo race yesterday. The lens might be cutting down on *some* portion of visible light, but placing them on and off my face, I could not tell *any* different at all!

I am really looking forward to using them on tours that start with just barely enough light to see ... as well as tours that finish up a bit too late in the evening, although hoping not to have *too* many of those.
Reply from Jonathan S
The protection for bright sun on snow conditions is just as good as any normal sunglass lens, i.e., other than glacier glasses. (For tours on snow-covered volcanoes in the summer, I use a different Julbo model whose lenses go up to Category 4.)
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