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Skimo Co





5' 8"


120 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


My Skiing

In the winter a fair bit of racing, and below treeline, safe BC skiing. Also some multiday touring and staying in miners cabins/huts.

By the time April comes around I have half my ski days for the season. The rest come after. Interesting, steep, technical lines are the name of the game in the spring. If it involves ice or rock climbing all the better.

My Gear

F1: ATK RT on BD Helio 105 172
Alien 1.0: ATK SLR-Lady on Hagan X Race 163
Sytron: Helio 180 on SkiTrab Magico 171

Recent Posts

I get this in my Alien 1.0 michelle. Thanks for mentioning your issues with this boot.
What are the dimensions of the Torx Adjustment Plate Bolt? Are they M5x8mm with a T20 torx driver? I need replacement machine screws for a ATK adjustment plate.
I am referring to the first 1.1 as the version described on skintrack here (yellow and black) And the new color scheme as this years model(orange and blue) I do recommend the blue and orange version. They have been going strong for me
I have used the first 1.1 version and now the new color scheme which actually made significant changes to the boot itself. I had issues with the cord clips on the first version. Specifically how they would catch on the carbon cuff and get bent out of shape. The new version seems to fix that. The clip is much stronger appearing and I have been unable to get it to catch when rubbing the boots together. The gaiter also seems to be more durable. I had issues with wear on the gaiter and mild tearing of the vel...
Mounted on my Magico.2 ski. They perform amazingly on the descent, are light enough for the ascent and the brakes are well thought out. I find the toe works better than an ATK toe as far as snow packing issues. However after a long day I find them a bit difficult to remove due to the spring strength. The heels are great, but if using without the brakes you need an extra piece(spacer) so the adjustment track operates correctly. I love the brakes and how I can still do a one motion transition with them, unli...

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