Skimo Co





5' 8"


120 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year


My Skiing

In the winter a fair bit of racing, and below treeline, safe BC skiing. Also some multiday touring and staying in miners cabins/huts.

By the time April comes around I have half my ski days for the season. The rest come after. Interesting, steep, technical lines are the name of the game in the spring. If it involves ice or rock climbing all the better.

My Gear

F1: ATK RT on BD Helio 105 172
Alien 1.0: ATK SLR-Lady on Hagan X Race 163
Sytron: Helio 180 on SkiTrab Magico 171

Recent Posts

Any idea when the skin glue will come back in stock?
How does the zebra light work for bright sun on snow conditions? Does it get dark enough?
I used these for the last 2 springs(well really for the season 2 springs ago, I didn't get to ski much this past spring) I paired them with BD Helio 110 bindings with 91 brake width on Dynastar Vertical Factory skis. I haven't ejected so I can't speak to their efficacy in stopping the ski, but I do appreciate their function when clicking in at the top of a steep line and for general ski are use as well. After a number of days of use the grease on the metal hook mechanism has worn off and now it fails to ...
What do you think comparing this to the new backland UL 78? Backland is a bit lighter, for mountaineering where some soft snow but also at times bulletproof...
FYI I have also had this problem three times, twice bent it back and the third time had scarpa replace the hook. I wouldn't worry about it in a race unless there was lots of running. It has always happened when running/fast walking mountaineering

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