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Julbo Aerospace OTG Goggles


Visually impaired skiers, be glad! Finding the proper goggles for ski touring can be tricky, and glasses only make things more confusing! For those unwilling or unable to try LASIK or contacts, the Julbo Aerospace OTG makes your day of skiing that much better! Julbo’s Aerospace goggles are an excellent set of peeper-protectors in their own right, thanks to their adaptive lenses, comprehensive coverage, and instantly recognizable Superflow system, by which you can pop the lenses forward to create a channel of breathable airflow. Now they’re made to fit comfortably over your spectacles! The Aerospace OTG's dual density foam is cut to fit around glasses on your face, while an easy-clip strap buckle slides easily over glasses frames near the ears. Anti-fog coating and ventilated cutouts guarantee your goggles won't fog up. The next step will be locating prescription glasses that share this set of advanced features!

  • Multiple choices of REACTIV lenses adapt to light conditions whether your ski tours take place in "before and after a sunrise" light or "partly cloudy to full sun on a glacier" light.
  • Small aperture between lens and frame facilitates ventilation, while SuperFlow allows the wearer to pull the whole lens forward for maximum breathability.
  • Full-size strap fits most helmets and is compatible with glasses.
  • Thermoform double density foam is cut to adapt to glasses.

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Model: Aerospace OTG

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