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Traumatic experiences with fogged-up lenses and improper vision shading have steered many a backcountry skier away from goggles while moving fast. Rewrite those shudder-filled memories while still having full coverage for big outings with the Dynafit TLT Pro Goggles. The double lenses on the TLT Pro boast full protection from fogging, so you can rest assured that wiping condensation between laps is a bygone tradition. What’s more, they adjust in seconds to varying light conditions, a game-changer for tours that start at dawn or take place in variable weather. Comfortable, lightweight, adaptive, and breathable–the Dynafit TLT Pro Goggles check all the boxes. The only thing we can't recommend is sleeping in them!

  • Hydrophobic double lens with Clima Cool Vent System sheds moisture.
  • Photochromic double glass adjusts quickly to changing light conditions, Cat S1-S2 (early morning to midday light).
  • Comes with fabric pouch as well as EVA plastic case.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Bart Tilly
I just purchased these goggles and used them on a BC trip at WA Pass. Unfortunately, I did experience fogging which really surprised me. The reviews are amazing so obviously I was disappointed. Any thoughts on why this might be occurring ? Thank you, Bart Tilly
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Bart, sorry to hear you experienced issues with fogging! I can imagine this might happen if you were wearing the goggles while skinning uphill and generating heat, allowing moisture to gather on the inside of the lens, but it's hard to say for sure.

Please feel free to reach out to and we'll see if we can help you out or offer more suggestions.
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Question from Eriic
Will RX inserts fit these? Or are they too small or low profile? Thanks !
Answer from Jeff
Eriic, These do not have anything for inserts. And they are very low profile, as a eyeglass wearer, I would not say no prescription system would work.
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