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Clear vision is, broadly speaking, a good thing. Never is this more obvious than when surrounded by the monochrome grays and whites of ambiguous lighting on snow. In those situations, the high-contrast double glass of the Dynafit TLT Evo Goggles seemingly photoshops your surroundings in real time, heightening color contrast so you can distinguish the friendly from fearsome snow pockets. Four-layer foam is pleasantly squishy and lightweight to wear, while the doubled lens is coated with an effective layer of Anti-FogShield to keep view-obscuring condensation at bay. Complete the ultimate freeskier look with this streamlined and effective TLT Evo goggle from Dynafit!

  • Comes in vivid colorways so you can locate your goggles after the inevitable yard sale.
  • Comes with EVA plastic box and fabric pouch for safekeeping.
  • Cat S2-S3 lenses work best in mid-to-bright sun.
  • Clima-cool vent system with anti-fog lens shield helps you shed some steam.
  • 100% UVA-A, B, and C protection prevents cataracts as well as the dreaded “squinty-eye syndrome.”

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Model: TLT Evo Goggle MPN: 49919

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