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Now the award-winning SuperFlow system is available in a more affordable goggle. The Airflux sports the same amazing ventilation found in the Aerospace, but without the chromatic lenses. Instead, the goggles are fitted with an assortment of Julbo Spectron lenses, each suited for different lighting conditions. If you’re headed uphill to ski, pop the lens away from your face with a simple pull. When you’re ready to head back down, push it in against your face and seal out the elements. Or, ski with the lenses open and enjoy a cooling breeze. The Julbo Airflux goggles are built to be functional in the backcountry and feature the only system capable of providing enough airflow to prevent fogging. Never wish you'd brought the sunglasses instead of goggles again-- with the Julbo Airflux goggles, you get the protection as well as the venting you need, all in the same neat and clean package.

  • SuperFlow air channel vents around the lenses.
  • Large frame doesn’t inhibit your field of vision.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant.
  • Treated with an additional anti-fog coating.
  • Lens details below.
Lens Category Light
Clear 0 Night
Pink 3 Fair to Bright
Vermillon 3 Fair to Bright
Orange 3-4 Bright

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Tyler
Can you pop out the lenses and switch them with a different color?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Tyler. It doesn't appear these do. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Essential tool. For one, Julbo vision is second to none. But more importantly, I got all my friends to convert to the air flux. When everyone else is pulling off their goggle for lap two, my stay on and I can get a jump start ahead of everyone. I can't recommend these enough. Absolute game-changer.
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Question from pete
Can you put RX inserts in these goggles?
Answer from eric
Pete- Unfortunately you can not put RX lenses in this goggle. It does fit over some glass frames though. It will depend on the shape of the glasses frame.
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Question from cgrady
Do these goggles come with all the interchangeable lenses listed in the description?
Answer from Teddy Young
These goggles are only sold with the single lens selected in the drop down menu.
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Question from Dylan Hettinger
Do the Airflux and Aerospace share the same lenses?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dylan, the Aerospace lenses are photo-chromatic (transition) whereas the AirFlux are not.
Answer from Dylan H
Sorry- I meant are the lenses compatible between the two?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dylan, the lenses aren't swappable on these goggles.
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Model: AirFlux Goggle

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