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Designed to turn your performance up a few Kilohertz, the Frequency from Julbo finds a compelling blend of protection, style, and performance that allows it to excel across many different scenarios. Built around a photochromic lens, the Frequency automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions, meaning you can leave the spare sunglasses at home. The wide suspended lens offers excellent protection from ambient lighting while encouraging ventilation, helping reduce fogging issues during hard sustained outputs. To reduce slippage, the Frequency has a rubberized nose grip and temple arms to keep the glasses securely on your noggin. Providing versatility across a wide array of conditions, the Frequency glasses are a safe bet to bring along on any adventure.

  • Rislan frame is constructed with bio-derived materials to lessen its impact on the environment.
  • Photochromic lens automatically adjusts to ambient light so you can trudge on with confidence.
  • Photochromic properties are baked into the lens, meaning they will continue to work, even if scratched.
  • Rubberized temple arms and nose grip help to keep the glasses on your head during rough descents.
  • Offers complete UV a, b, and c protection to keep your corneas happy.

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Model: Frequency

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