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With its massive range of uses and generous lens volume that allows for an unencumbered field of vision, we think the Density aptly lives up to its name. Featuring a feather-weight frame made from bio-sourced and durable Rislan material, the Density has a pleasantly "light" feel without compromising durability. The shock-absorbing inserts in the nose pair well with the rubberized temples to keep the glasses securely on your face, even during jarring descents. Strategically placed vents along the top of the lens prevent fogging while the photochromic lens provides optical clarity across various lighting conditions. Designed for those wanting a versatile set of glasses that emphasizes breathability, the Density is hard to surpass.

  • Photochromic properties are baked directly into the lens, ensuring they still work even if scratched.
  • Vents along the top of the lens helps prevent fogging issues during high-output days.
  • Rubberized inserts on the temple arms and nose help keep the glasses securely on your head.
  • Photochromic lens automatically changes its shading based on ambient lighting conditions.
  • Oversized panoramic lens allows for a wide range of vision, which certainly doesn't suck.
  • Rislan frame material is light, strong, and (more) environmentally friendly than other plastics.
  • Lens provides 100% UV a, b, and c protection to keep photokeratitis at bay.

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Questions & Reviews

CDB (used product a few times)
I love Julbo eyewear and bought these for cycling. However they didn’t work well for me. They sat very close to my face and caused sweat and fogging that I’ve never had with other glasses. It’s not possible to adjust the nose piece to get a better fit. I ultimately ended up with the Julbo Rush for both cycling and ski touring.
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Model: Density

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