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In the high alpine, solar radiation can be paradoxical. Who expects to be boiling hot in a land covered in snow and ice? For intrepid glacier travelers who know the importance of full protection, the Dynafit Sky Pro Sunglasses are a ready-made solution. Anchored by a reactive photochromic lens, these glasses will shade your peepers even in the most sun-drenched environments while still adjusting for cloud cover or the occasional crevasse visit where less shaded lenses become necessary. Side shields ensure reflected sunlight won’t cause long-term eye fatigue, but along with a sweat bar on the frames, are removable to enable greater air circulation. For your next visit to the Cascades, the high Andes, or other exposed zones, make sure the Dynafit Sky Pro comes along with you.

  • Photochromic Cat 2-4 lenses adjust in seconds as needed for partly sunny to extremely bright, reflected light.
  • Side shields and forehead bar protect against glacier sun and sweat.
  • Hydrophobic, hard coating lens finish holds up against scratches.
  • Silicone no slip nosepad and mega grip rubber temples hold the glasses around your eyes, not down your nose.
  • Frames host small cutouts to encourage air circulation.

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