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Sharing many of the features found on the Lightyear Goggle, the Lightyear OTG (Over The Glasses) has a larger profile and OTG Foam liner designed to accommodate prescription eyewear, perfect for our bespectacled backcountry brethren. Because you have two sets of lenses to contend with, the magnetic SuperFlow Pro System is able to lift the lens away from the frame, allowing for maximal airflow to suck away unwanted moisture and prevent fogging. To close the lens, simply press them back into the frame and voila, you’re ready to go down. As the pièce de résistance, the High Contrast REACTIV 0-4 lens automatically adjusts to the ambient lighting, which means, whether you’re cruising summer corn or harvesting mid-winter powder deep in a storm, the Lightyear OTG has you covered. If you prefer larger profile goggles or are accommodating prescription eyewear, the Lightyear OTG is a compelling choice.

  • SuperFlow Pro allows the lens to pull away from the frame while still being connected, virtually eliminating fogging issues.
  • High Contrast REACTIV lens automatically adjusts to different lighting situations, so you have the perfect lens tint at all times.
  • Large profile accommodates most prescription eyewear, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking vistas in front of you.
  • OTG Foam is a shaped dual-density foam that better fits over prescription eyewear compared to traditional goggles.
  • Anti-fog coating on the lens works to prevent condensation buildup.
  • 45mm silicone head strap is in it for the long haul.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Rob D
Jeff promptly answered my question about the OTG, but then this led to the next question: Is the new Lightyear "bigger" than the Aerospace it replaced ?? The Aerospace was a very reasonable size and appropriate for ski mountaineering trips where space is valuable - to many "modern" goggles are so huge they take up a disproportionate amount of space in your pack... So will be good to know if the new Lightyear is basically the same size as the Aerospace it replaced..
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Rob,

We don't actually have any Aerospace goggles in the store to compare it too - however, compared to the Airflux (the same goggle as the Aerospace with a non-photochromic lens), the Lightyear is slightly larger. It's a small difference, but the lens is bigger and frameless, and the shaping of the foam contact points has been expanded slightly to give a bigger field of view. It's still a good bit smaller than the XL frameless resort-style goggles that are fashionable today.
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Question from Rob D
Is the Lightyear OTG really just a Lightyear with OTG foam or is it a larger frame (hence overall larger goggle) than the plain Lightyear ??
Answer from Jeff
Hi Rob,
The frame will be the same as the regular Ligthyear goggles, which is a pretty large frame. We haven't seen the new OTG yet and personally I am anxious to see how much more foam they added. My 8 year OTG ? model don't quite cut it. Email Skimo after they arrive and I can fill you in.
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Model: Lightyear OTG

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