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Carlos M

Carlos M




5' 10"


145 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

My Skiing

I'm a fairly aggressive skier from the PNW who skis all sorts of terrain including steeps, couloirs, bowls, and trees.

My Gear

Ski Trab Ortles 90
Ski Trab Gara Titan
Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro

Blackcrows Atris
Look Pivot
Tecnica Mach1 LV

Recent Posts

Hi Lauren, Most of us here, in the 5'10-6' range, 150-180lbs, ski the 171cm Magico.2s. My powder skis are 177-180cm, and I size my Trabs at 171cm. I think you could ski either the 171cm or the 164cm - the 164 would be lighter, more maneuverable in tight places and easier to jump turn/kick turn in very steep terrain. The 171cm could be driven a little harder and would float better in powder, for more moderate terrain where you want to open it up and ski fast. I would choose based on whether your priority ...
Hi Dan, The MTN 96 is a bit softer ski in its category, and it hand flexes relatively similar to the Echo - I think the tip is a little bit stronger and it is less rockered, but it's still a bit softer ski. I don't think it would be too hooky - the camber isn't too extreme, and our experience of this ski has been that it's fairly smooth and forgiving. If you like to drive your tips a bit harder, though, and would prefer something meaningfully stiffer than the Echo in the front of the ski while still being...
Hi Owen, I think this ski would actually do quite well in steep terrain. Lots of rocker makes it very easy to initiate turns, and forgiving on the landing. It's fairly substantial as well, and damp as a result. That said, in barely edgeable snow, I do personally think I'd opt for something with a little more camber and a flatter tail. But that's not to say that the La Machines couldn't do it if that's the style of ski you prefered/were used to - it does have a little bit of camber and the rocker lines are...
Hi Dave, We've found the normal ATK bindings (non-Evo) to be quite reliable in our testing. Overall, I would say that the skiers most likely to benefit from the adjustable toe spring are those at either the very bottom of the release range or near the top, where being able to tune the release characteristics of the toe might help ensure the consistency of the release. In your case, I think you could use either with good confidence.
Hi Eric, Yes, it is compatible with regular Dynafit crampons, although they will need to be inserted from the side in the standard way. There will be a quick-in crampon that is specifically designed to drop in from the top, Plum-style, that we will be carrying next season.

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