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The replacement filter for the Katadyn BeFree filtration bottle. Good for up to 1000 liters on average (may vary depending on sediment levels), this filter removes 99.9% of protozoa and 99.9999% of bacteria. To clean it, just shake, swish, swoosh, dip, or backflush with some clean water and you're good to go. Screw on, screw off, and screw being limited by the amount of water you can carry.

Volume Up to 1000L

Questions & Reviews

Question from Colter L
Does this fit onto other hydrapak body bottles? (I have the .5 liter bottles that came with a running vest)
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Colter, thanks for reaching out! Yes, they do, but only on the wide-mouth bottles. Hydrapak makes the majority of the soft flasks you see on the market right now so it'll depend on the exact model of bottle that came with the running vest you have. I have used this filter on an Ultimate Direction Body Bottle Plus and the diameter/thread pitch works perfectly! However, it will not fit on the smaller CAMP and Salomon flasks that I've seen come included with those packs.

I have found that the only bummer with using it on your existing .5L bottles (as opposed to buying the filter flask separately, which has .6L of usable volume) is that the filter takes up a pretty good chunk of volume in the flask, so you are really only carrying .4L, maybe .45L, on the high end within the bottle. Also, if you are drinking from some really nasty water, it might be good to match the filter with a specific flask, that way you don't put the normal cap back on your flask and drink contaminated water that was left over from your last use with the filter.
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