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Kohla Dryclimb Skin Impregnation

Brand: Kohla
Model: Dryclimb Skin Impregnation
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Price: $17.95

Kohla’s product name “Dryclimb Skin Impregnation” is a bit controversial and confusing, so let us explain. If you are okay with walking the streets of your home town, explaining to passers-by that you can impregnate your epidermis with a spray bottle, stop reading here, click “Add to Cart,” and prepare to be disappointed with the results. If you prefer clarity in your life and would rather just skin faster than everyone else, keep reading. The skin impregnation spray is a complex formula of ingredients that result in a very simple, but powerful result: better glide all day long thanks to increased water-repellency. The ultimate glop-stopper treatment involves a hair dryer and a 24-hour waiting period (instructions on the bottle), but the results are worth it. The Kohla Dryclimb impregnation is the ideal prep for a day or month in the backcountry.

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