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Glop Stopper is the most popular climbing skin wax on the market. It temporarily improves the glide of your skins while adding a waterproof barrier to help prevent snow from sticking. Rub some on your skins before heading out for tours on sunny days. Keep a little in your pack just in case. Glopping snow stuck to your skins can make a bluebird day go bad. Stop the glop with Black Diamond Glop Stopper.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Patrick J Campbell
I wonder if we know if this is flourinated or not? There seems to be a new color that is more reddish out now so I was curious if they went from flouro to not flouro. Curious because where I ski flouros are strictly forbidden!
Answer from Jeff
Hello Patrick, Two things. First, BD hasn't changed the formula. Don't think there was any Flouro in there.
Next, we need to change our picture, it is Red now.
Answer from Patrick C
Thanks! I will give it a try!
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Eddy v (downright abused product)
This stuff is decent, and probably as good as anything else out there, but has its limitations. For one, if you just try to put it on once you've started glopping, it's probably not going to have much effect - you have to stop, let your skins dry out a bit (pro tip: scrape them with a credit card, scraper, or even your other ski to remove as much moisture as possible) and then apply. But even then (or even if you apply before you go out) it's not a magic fix-all solution. Some snow conditions will still glop, and it will wear out fairly quickly (especially if you skin over icy snow in the shade on a spring morning). That being said, I still always keep some in my pack - it's certainly better than nothing and can be a massive help when used correctly in appropriate conditons.
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Travis (downright abused product)
This will save your day. Or in my case my friends. As they never seem to take care of their skins. Just buy one and stuff it in your pack. There will be a day when you, or your friend, will be very happy it’s there!
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