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Kohla’s Magic Gel is the anti-snow goop that we’ve all been waiting for. We all know that snow can accumulate on your top-sheets while skinning. A common tradition among weight-weenies is to smear butter or Crisco onto the top-sheets of your skis to reduce weight and keep snow away from crucial parts. The biggest issue with that plan, aside from the obvious fact that neither of those items were designed for backcountry ski use, is that you run out of precious butter and shortening faster than usual. Being the Austrians that they are, Kohla keeps their butter close and would rather create a purpose-driven anti-snow gel to spread on your skis, boots, and bindings. Butter can still be used to keep snow off your skis in the event that you have too much butter, but we strongly advise against buttering your toast or making cookies with Kohla Magic Gel.

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Question from MEG
What are the ingredients in the gel please? I’m wondering if it is a natural product. Thanks.
Answer from TSB
G'day MEG, the Magic Gel is not as natural as the butter you may have been using previously! Though I can't find ingredients for the Magic Gel, I can almost guarantee that it involves some not-so-biodegradable things to create its magical anti-stick properties. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly product check out the Mountain Flow Anti-Stick Spray.
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