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Majesty precut skins are, you guessed it, precut for select models of Majesty skis. Built using Contour’s Hybrid technology, these skins offer reliable adhesion in wicked cold temperatures while remaining easy to rip apart. This is truly a “win-win” situation if you ask us. Another benefit to the Hybrid glue is its ease of serviceability. Once the glue starts to become less sticky, simply clean it with ordinary detergent or the Hybrid Cleaning Spray to reactivate it. Finally, these are made with a combination of mohair and nylon, meaning the skin strikes a good balance between weight, packability, and durability. Don’t deal with the hassle of trimming climbing skins, just get these. Seriously, just do it.

  • Hybrid glue is made of two layers of adhesive, allowing for it to have reliable adhesion while being easy to rip apart.
  • 70-30% mohair nylon mix is light and durable.
  • Comes with a storage sack and microfiber cloth.
  • Precut for your Majesty touring skis!

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