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If you have the Contour Hybrid skins (mohair or mix), you’re likely enjoying the easy-to-manage, multi-layer glue formula. The skins stick to your skis yet require little effort to separate when stored glue-to-glue. Keep it that way for years with the Contour Hybrid Cleaning Spray. This proprietary formula cleans and refreshes the surface layer of glue. Cleanliness is next to godliness? This 150 milliliter kit might be as close as some of you get. Use gently, scrubbing can lead to less than ideal results.

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Questions & Reviews

Ben (used product regularly)
Very happy this product exists. I have owned 4 pairs of Contour hybrid skins. Generally the hybrid works well for the better part of a season without any need for maintenance before it starts to deteriorate. At that point, you have to start using the cleaning spray regularly to maintain performance. The first pair served me well for around 70 days of Utah winter conditions, before I waxed my skis and didn't do a great job scraping the wax off. The wax contaminated the hybrid adhesive and even after using the spray was never fully functional. I believe wax can easily contaminate the hybrid and is responsible for the majority of hybrid woes out there. My other pairs lasted me between 30-50 days before I started using the spray to revive the adhesive. Spring conditions and warm weather are much harder on the hybrid than typical winter conditions and require more frequent cleaning. I love being able to wipe off pollen and forest debris from the skin adhesive, not easy to do on traditional skins.
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Question from Heiko K
About how many skin cleaning cycles of a pair of skins would this bottle last for?
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Michael,

Our best guess is that this bottle will clean about 5 average pairs of skins. Keep in mind, the length and width of skins, as well as how dirty they are will affect that number.
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Question from Dana L
This is just for the hybrid glue, not the guide glue, correct?
Answer from jbo
Hi Dana, that is correct!
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