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We’re not sure but we think the “S” stands for “Super”. The new Pomoca Super treatment on the old reliable Climb Pro Glide skins makes them even better at sliding. The friction coefficient is now more akin to racing formulas than to similar mohair-mix skins. Good sliding technique will be rewarded with up to 20% energy savings on an average climb, a figure extrapolated from recent lab tests. The Climb Pro S-Glides are 70% mohair, 30% nylon, and 100% fast. The skins feature the manageable Pomoca glue formula and easy-to-use tip brackets and tail clips. These are likely the default skin choice for interested ski tourers.

  • Safer Skin Light membrane is waterproof, tear-resistant, and tends to hold its hairs in place.
  • Ever Dry 2.0 is a water-shedding treatment that prevents potentially heavy water soakage.
  • S-Glide concoction is applied at the end to give you a lifelong friction-reducing stride.
  • ClickLock is a tip system that allows you to swap square brackets to match your ski tips.
  • Adjustable tail clips ride up and down a thick stretchy strap that is notched for a good hold.
  • Kits come with a trimmer that is much easier to use than the letter-opener style skin trimmers.
  • Includes a skin bag for carrying your climbers and for long-term storage across seasons.
  • Skins come with tips attached (except Universal length), otherwise known as "Back Fix" in Pomoca-speak.
  • Universal Kits - 185cm of material with tails attached; cut to ski length and attach the 85mm or 95mm wide tip buckles (both included) before trimming.
  • No Tips - A Universal Kit without the tip hardware...attach race bungees or your favorite touring tips.

Update 2020/21: The S-Glide skins are now made with thinner backing material and they have redesigned Click Lock tip attachments and tail hooks that enhance durability. The skins are about 40g lighter out of the box with the same grip and amazing glide. They now come in a zippered hard case.

Weight per skin (with backing) 314g [120mm x 165-180]

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Questions & Reviews

matt (used product regularly)
These do glide well but durability is another thing. I started to lose traction in the middle of my second season. Went to a new pair of Climb's and the difference was night and day.
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Question from Matt
What width would you recommend for Kastle TX103 skis? I know Pomoca makes dedicated skins for Kastle, but they are a challenge to find!
Answer from Emmett I

Looks like the TX103 has a 120mm tail width, so the 120mm will work great!
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Question from Joe
Would the 100mm 165-180 cm fit for the Atomic Backlands 86 SL 172cm?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Joe! With a tail width of 105.5mm, you'd be right at the cusp of what I'd suggest, however, ultimately I think it'd work just fine. There will certainly be less trimming involved which is a plus! Thanks.
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Question from Jeremy K
I plan to get these for the Dynafit Carbonio 76 skis in the 158cm length. I also plan to replace the tip connectors with the Dynafit rubber tips you guys also offer. I was wondering if this modification would affect the length sizing, and if whether you would recommend the 145-160 or 155-170cm length options. I want maximum glide, so the shorter length would be preferred so long as the tail clip would could still be adjusted to fit securely.
Answer from Niko M
Hi Jeremy! Either skin length would work well. If done properly, the 145-160cm will still offer a secure tail clip. If you want to avoid modifying the pre-assembly, you could also build your next set of skins  off the roll with the same material in order to get exactly what you'd like! Send us an email at if you have any questions about doing so. Thanks!
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Chuck (downright abused product)
Great grip, great glide, poor glopping (easy to mediate with wax), terrible glue. Pair the skins with BD/Ascension glue and these would be awesome skins. During their second season the glue morphed into something else that would rather stick to my freshly waxed skis than the skin. Yes, I dry out the glue and store the skins cool after use, so I'm not sure what happened.
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Question from Rosty
What size of Pomoca Glide Pro S-Climb would you recommend for DPS Wailer 112RP2 Tour1 ski 184cm (2017 version). Pomoca web site recommends 140mm. Seems huge. Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hi Rosty, the climbing skin makers recommend you buy a lot of climbing skin like dentists recommend you visit them twice a year. 120cm would have plenty of climbing prowess in powder and it would fold up much nicer (no tip overhang).
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Question from Celine
Hi, need some advice! I’m looking for skins to take out in the southern BC & Washington backcountry, which usually has that heavier coastal snow. Don’t know too much about this as I’m fairly new at touring.
I ride Nordica Santa Ana 93’s.
Answer from jbo
Hi Celine, good find! These S-Glide skins have Pomoca's waterproof membrane that works great in wetter climates. That prevents waters from seeping through and causing the glue to lose adhesion. You will want the 120mm wide skins, choosing the length towards the midpoint of the length range in the option selector.
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Question from Erik
I have a pair if Atomic backland 107s in a 182 length(137-107-124). I am kind of torn between the 120 and the 140 version of this skin. Feels like the ideal would be 130 but can't find it anywhere. What would you recommend?
Answer from jbo
Hi Erik, there are no 130s in these parts. 120mm would be plenty in my mind, but you can always trim down a bigger skin.
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Question from Erin Newton
Looking for skin for Alaska backcountry skiing. Light powder to heavy wet to crud all types of snow. I have Rossignol Blackops 98 131-98-121 172cm
Answer from jbo
Hi Erin, this is the skin! The 120 x 165-180 would be sufficient but go up to 140 if you want max coverage for every edge when climbing.
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Question from Chuck
Which width will work best for Voile Hyper V8 171 cm?
Answer from jbo
Hi Chuck, the 140s are going to be best for the V8s! For what it's worth, I cut my skins twice for that ski...put them on backwards and trimmed a second time to make them symmetric and take up less jacket space. Still climbs just fine in pow.
Answer from jbo
Follow up, if you do a symmetric cut or like less material like me, you can get by with the 120s in the 171, they are only 120 at the tail.
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Eric L (downright abused product)
Good skins but the attachment hardware is plastic and will break after a season or sooner. I would prefer metal attachments for a few extra grams.
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Question from Ben Aase
Hi there. I’m looking at a pair of these for some Ski Logik Rock Stars in a 178cm length. Specs are 142/117/141. I was thinking I’d order the 140mm in the 175-190 length.

I also have a Ski Logik Powderball 188cm (144-112-133) but suspect I need a second pair given the narrower tail if I cut these for the Rock Stars.

Make sense to you?

Thank you!

Answer from jbo
Hi Ben, that's right for the Rock Star sizing. It's possible you could cut the skins for the Powderballs and still use them for the Rock Stars; they wouldn't be perfectly dialed but still plenty of coverage for climbing powder (might have to use a bit more pole on tricky spots). We are always mix and matching skins around here on demo skis and I think most folks would be surprised what you can get away with for coverage and still make it up the hill, especially with good skinning technique.
Answer from Calvin E
Yeah, some of my skins are just straight untrimmed strips, about ski waist width. They seem to work just fine for me. I've been on a few hair-raising steep traverses where you don't even get the whole width of ski flat, and haven't had any more trouble than my buddies with wall to wall skins.
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Question from Jim Ianora
I have a pair of Salomon MTN 95, 177cm.

Which skin should I order?

Answer from Patrick C

Grab a set of the 120mm 165-180cm skins would be my suggestion. A little less coverage on the tail won't affect grip, but can add a touch of glide!
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Question from Claire
My suggested size is 130 mm. My skis are 164 cm (131 - 106 - 122). Wondering what size is recommended, thank you!
Answer from Cole P
Hey Claire, we usually use the tail width as a quick size guide. So a 122mm tail I would recommend the 120mm x 155-170cm.
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John K (downright abused product)
These are the best skins you can get on the market right now. The glue is better than G3 skins, the mohair mix glides better than the BD skins, and packs up super well.

Used these skins from midwinter pow to hardpack snow/ice. Based in the PNW, so the warmer temps and wet snow did saturate these skins in the late spring, but they've held up in every condition otherwise. Glopped up once, but problem went away after using skin wax.

I've never had a problem with the tail clip unlike many others here, but I did have to file a notch in the tail of my skis so that the tail clips didn't slip off laterally. The bar up at the tips are bent, and the "PO MO CA" panel did come off, but these are cosmetic issues. Also, the cutter isn't good enough for more than one use I've found.

Overall, I love these skins and would buy them again. Maybe I'll go with the pink race ones for fatter skis for better packability, but I would be just as happy with these ones too.
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Question from Josh
Can these bit fit with Dynafit style attachments at tip and tail?
Answer from Jeff
Josh, Short answer, no.
The ClickLock tip can accept a Dynafit rubber tip, but the attached tail strap is fixed and the skin would be too short to cut it off and add a fixed tail clip.
If you want to build a Dynafit style skin, it is best to custom build it, rather than start with a Trim to Fit skin. You can email us at for details!
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dang3rtown (downright abused product)
I've had these skins (the 21' update version) for just over a year now and have put about 200k vert on them in that time (used with Volkl Rise High 88s). I have used them in waist deep pow, on glaciers, in spring corn, wind scoured ridge tops and everything in between.

Three things really stand out for me; glide, weight and size.

The things can slide. They glide so well that you can actually lock your heel down and ski short pitches with the skins still on and not have it be one of the worst skiing experiences of your life. On long approaches over frozen lakes and the like, I feel almost like a proper nordic skier, driving off my rear foot and never coming to a rest, full glide, no brakes.

The weight? Not quite "race" skin light but still, really good. I weighed them when I first got them, did some math and compared them to some BCA hybrid skins and figured out that per sq/cm, they were significantly lighter, in the range of 20%.

Size. These pack down really small. I've found I can easily stuff them into my pants pockets when skiing jacket free on warm days. I really appreciate a skin that is small enough I just don't think about it on the way down if it's in my jacket.

The one big issue is the tail clip. It sucks, we all know it but it's a super easy fix. I got a metal U-clip (used for attaching automobile trim), sized the tail and then put the clip around the rubber so it sits flush with the tail clip. This prevents the rubber from pulling through, keeps a constant tension and if I ever need to remove it, easy to pop it off.

Bottom line, this is a perfect skin for bigger days/long approaches. If you only care about grip and going up steep skinners, maybe try something that's a bit more climb focused.
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Question from Andrew
Do the tip and tail attachment that come with these work on splitboards? If not, what's the right Pomoca skin to get that works with one? I'd be fine with buying by the cm and getting tip/tail attachments separately. thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, not really! But Pomoca also makes splitboard skins with better attachments. Check out the Climb 2s and Free Pros.
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Nate (used product regularly)
Out of the 4 skins I've owned (BD Mix, BD Nylon, Ski Trab WC, and now the Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide) these are my favorite. I've had zero problems with them after 30+ days on them this season. Great mix of traction and glide. They come off the skis easily when it's time to rip. I run them with Dynafit rubber tips and the tail clips cut off. Highly recommend.
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Question from svcci
my wife has Helio 105's......131-105-118 that are 164 long....what size skin??
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Svcci! I'd go with the "120mm x 155-170cm" option. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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