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Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide Skins

Brand: Pomoca
Model: Climb Pro s-Glide
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We’re not sure but we think the “S” stands for “Super”. The new Pomoca Super treatment on the old reliable Climb Pro Glide skins makes them even better at sliding. The friction coefficient is now more akin to racing formulas than to similar mohair-mix skins. Good sliding technique will be rewarded with up to 20% energy savings on an average climb, a figure extrapolated from recent lab tests. The Climb Pro S-Glides are 70% mohair, 30% nylon, and 100% fast. The skins feature the manageable Pomoca glue formula and easy-to-use tip brackets and tail clips. These are likely the default skin choice for interested ski tourers.

  • Safer Skin membrane is waterproof, tear-resistant, and tends to hold its hairs in place.
  • Ever Dry 2.0 is a water-shedding treatment the prevents potentially heavy water soakage.
  • S-Glide concoction is applied at the end to give you a lifelong friction-reducing stride.
  • ClickLock is a tip system that allows you to swap square brackets to match your ski tips.
  • Adjustable tail clips ride up and down a thick stretchy strap that is notched for good hold.
  • Kits come with a trimmer that is much easier to use that the letter-opener style skin trimmers.
  • Comes with a skin bag for carrying your climbers and for long-term storage across seasons.
  • All kits come with tips attached except Universal, otherwise known as "Back Fix" in Pomoca-speak.
  • Universal Kits Only - Single size: cut to ski length, attach the tips, then trim the edges.
Question from Melissa

I just sent a question in about Colltex skins for Black crows atris birdie (122-108-136) 160cm length. Thought perhaps these Pomoca Pro Glides in the 140mm 155-170cm might work better?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Melissa! I just read your other question that you posted! I think you are correct, just purely based on dimensions alone I think these skins will be much better than the other set.
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Question from ron k
I bought DPS Wailer A112, size 184cm....which size Pomona skin should I get?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Ron! Okay, here are the specs of that ski: 141-112-128. Standard advice would have you go with a 140mm kit just to make sure that absolutely no base material is showing for maximum grip, but the awesome thing about the Wailer is that there is so much tip rocker (i.e. ski base that never touches the snow while skinning and therefore never contributes to skinning ability) that you can go with a narrower skin and do just fine. My choice is a 120mm x 175-190cm kit, but if you'd rather have full coverage then the 140mm is the better choice.
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Question from Gavin W
Hi, I'm about to pull the trigger on the Salomon MTN Explore 95 in the 169 length. You guys suggested I get these Pomoca skins. Just wanted to confirm that the 120mm x 155-170cm length will work for this ski. Seems like it should, but wanted to double check! Thanks...
Answer from jbo
Hi Gavin, it should. If you add a note to your order, we're happy to pull 'em out and triple check. We can even trim 'em for you if you wish.
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Question from Kyle
I purchased these last year for my Black Crows Navis Freebird 185cm. I purchased the "Large" (175-190cm) but found that the skins went back to almost the very end of the ski (a lot further back than what I need with the rockered tail). I finally cut the tail off, shortened it, and re-fashioned it using rivets. Not exactly ideal but I guess it works for now. I just picked up the Black Crows Orb in a 178cm and don't want to run into the same problem. If I order the "medium" can you tell me roughly how far from the rear of the ski the skin will end? (Maybe using a 178cm ski in your shop; I measured my skis to be true at exactly 178cm tip to tail). Ideally, looking at the rear rocker of the Orb, I would like the skin to stop 10cm from the rear. Thank you for the help, much appreciated!
Answer from Nate
Hi Kyle, I would recommend ordering the 165-180cm length for that ski.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kyle, please remember you can tweak how the tail sits by swapping tip buckles. There are two widths in the box and more available.
Answer from Kyle B
Just to help anyone out for future reference. I actually had the "XL" (185-200cm) for a 185cm ski. Was a little bit longer than I would hope for so I cut it short. After order the "medium" (165-180cm) for a 178cm ski it ended up being 10cm too short for me. I wanted the skin to end roughly 10cm from the tail. So a "large" should be the correct fit. At this point I've found that the actual skin lengths (the actual skin material, not including tip or tail extension) are as follows: Medium (165-180): 155cm skin length; Large (175-190): 165cm; and the XL (185-200): 175cm. Hope this helps others with sizing.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kyle, thanks for the reference info! We also suggest using the Universal kits for getting the length to meet an exact specification.
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Question from xavier
Hi, interested in the Pomoca Climb Pro S-Glide skins for my pair of Elan Ibex 84 XLTs (170cm) for a fast and light backcountry set-up. Since my skis are notched in the front, I would replace the stock Pomoca square tip ring with a rubber bungie -- perhaps the Dynafit one. Given this customization, would it make sense to order 100cm X 175-190mm skin kit? Also, do you have the Dynafit Rubber Tips and Tip Plates in stock?

Alternatively, is there a pre-cut Dynafit Speedskins (Speed 90 176cm?) that, with minor trimming, could fit the Elan?
Answer from jbo
Hi Xavier, yes it makes sense to get a longer skin if you are chopping off the tip. We have the skin parts available here (noting it's easier to rivet the rubber tips versus sewing on the tip plate). If you want the swappable tip plate, it's easiest to buy a Dynafit skin and chop off the tails, re-adding some tail hooks.
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by norm larson (used product regularly)
Hands down the best skins I've used in 40 years of backcountry skiing. Took about 10 days for the skins to break in and the glide to get good. Great glue and backing makes these skins really great to use on a daily basis.
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Question from Eric Schneider
I prefer straight skins. What size would you recommend for 175 cm BD Helio 105's?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Eric. By that notion you'd take the waist width and subtract about 3mm, so in a perfect world you'd need a 102mm wide skin. The 100mm is the closest to that, but you may end up with some side hilling issues because there'd be a lot of edge exposed. The 120mm is for sure my preferred width in this scenario though.
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Question from Deling R
How wide is the loop on the 120mm skin? Is it replaceable if I buy a different loop? Thanks.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Deling! Yeah, they're replaceable! Find them here. The loops included on the 120mm skins though are 95mm and 85mm wide.
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Question from Mike
Would the pomoca climb pro s-glide 140mm 170mm be the size for my dynafit denali 176's (131-98-116) ?
I think they make a 130mm also but haven't found any and wondering if i could trim the 140 to 130.
any reason to go with the 100% mohairs if the s-glide glides as good ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mike, you'd need the ones that go up to 180mm for that ski. Either the 120mm or 140mm would work, with the 140 covering every square millimeter; you need to trim either. Not a huge argument for the mohair as compared to the S-Glide.
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Question from Luke
I ski the BD Carbon Megawatt 178cm. The ski dimensions are 147-120-127. Would you recommend the 140mm x 175-190cm skins then?
Answer from jbo
Hi Luke, yeah that would net you max coverage. You could also get away with the shorter version if you want to show more base at the tails.
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