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Victorious summit photos atop a hard-won ski mountaineering objective nearly always fail to capture the nuanced steps of progression which led to that moment. Crevasses, steep snow fields, and icy ridges all had to be navigated to reach that summit, and without reliable and capable tools like the Mammut Glacier Cord Dry 6.0, travel through that terrain can be harrowing (at best). With a Dyneema core, a dry coating, and an incredibly lightweight construction, the Glacier Cord won't freeze up or weigh you down, and will last for years to come. A compact storage sack doubles as a throw bag for precise rope tossing, and allows for compact rope storage inside your pack. Glacier travel, rappelling, or crevasse rescue-- it doesn't matter, the Mammut Glacier Cord Dry 6.0 is the dream tool for those hard fought alpine objectives.

  • Aramid sheath and Mammut Dry coating combine to give this rope an extra grippy texture, meant to improve handling and ease of use.
  • Mammut Dry treatment eliminates water absorption, keeping this rope maneuverable and safe in even the harshest of conditions.
  • This cord is static, and elongates less than 2% when weighted, making it perfect for crevasse rescue.
  • Storage sack keeps your pack neat and doubles as a throw bag for precise rope tossing.
  • Bright yellow coloring makes the Glacier Cord visible in snow and dim pack interiors.
  • Compatible with TIBLOC and MICRO TRAXION.
  • CE EN 564 certified. Not for lead climbing.

Grams per Meter 25g/m
convert to ounces
822g [30m]
1640g [60m]
Length 30m or 60m
Dimensions 6.0mm
Strength 14 kN
Specs Verified Yes
Rope Style Glacier
UIAA Fall Rating N/A
Skimo Co Says
Usage Glacier travel, crevasse rescue, rappelling.
Notes Dry treatment gives maximum safety in all conditions.
Bottom Line Ultra-lightweight cord for glacier and snow travel.
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Model: Glacier Cord Dry 6.0

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