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Sometimes you eat the bar...and only good things happen! Maurten's Solid nutrition bar will make sure the bar doesn't eat you out there on the skin track. Packed with calories and carbohydrates, this low-fiber mixture will fuel the body and keep your tummy as happy as a moth in a chandelier shop. As always, Maurten has set out to create a simple product that yields incredible results. Made up of oats and rice, there is plenty to love with every bite. If you're a chocoholic, the Solid C is for you with its cocoa boost that makes it the Cocoa Krispies of the energy bar world. Set your goals high, set the skin track steep (please don't), and charge with confidence when you munch on your Solid bar from Maurten.

Solid 225 - Contains 225 calories and 44g of premium carbohydrates.

Solid C 225 - Contains the same 225 calories with an added bonus: cocoa.

Solid 160 - Contains 202 Calories and 42g of carbohydrates in two manageable pieces

Solid C 160 - Contains cocoa, 204 calories, 42g of carbohydrates, and all the tasty goodness of the Solid 160.

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