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Movement Alp Tracks Ski Bag

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The photo makes it looks more like a purse, but it’s a ski bag! The Movement Alp Tracks ski bag unzips and becomes a full-length case made of ripstop nylon. Slip in your Alp Tracks skis and jet off to whiter pastures. When you’re home, zip it back up into a nice little rectangle and it won’t take up much space. The bag for Movement aficionados.

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Questions & Reviews

Centerfold (used product a few times)
It’s actually been a nice tool for travel to throw on and protect the skis a bit. If you travel a lot you need to grab something with a handle on it. This is a great lightweight option.
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Question from thomc
What are the dimensions and weight of this?
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for reaching out! The weight is 462g, and the dimensions are roughly ~195x35x10cm.
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