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After you tasted your first apple, you are hooked on Movement skis. Then you become a young adult and turn either Black or Sweet. Lastly, you get slower or wiser and end up with this X-version. You could also skip to the end and just buy the Apple-X now. Light, nimble, and reliable, the Movement Apple-X is just plain fun. Made with the same advanced North TPT carbon construction as the rest of the famed X-skis, this 80mm waisted version is adept on the uphill and the down. Just remember save some room for dessert.

  • Light Rocker 8 tip is a gentle rise that balances edge hold and float.
  • North TPT multi-axial carbon fiber wraps a Paulownia wood core.
  • Sintered P-tex 4000 bases are fast and can take a lick.
Lengths (cm) 153, 161, 169, 177
convert to ounces
980g [161]
1065g [169]
1100g [177]
Weight (pair) 1960g [161]
2130g [169]
2200g [177]
Sidecut   117-80-106 [161]
118-80-107 [169]
118-80-107 [177]
Turn Radius   18.5m [161]
19.5m [169]
20.6m [177]
Skin Fix   Basic tip loop, tail clip
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Rocker tip and tail, camber underfoot
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius, flat tail
Construction   Carbon cap
Core   Ultralight Karuba wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, classic touring
Notes Lightest apple yet
Bottom Line Mountaineering mayhem
Compare to other Low-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Lewis
I just picked up a pair in 177, just double checking where the boot center line is. I’m guessing it’s the /1/ in between the serial number and the •3.5 (drill bit size?), and even with the tip of the A in the printed word “Taping”. Sound right? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Lewis, yes, it's actually an arrow and not a '1', but that is the recommended boot center.
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Question from Conor
Hello, I am looking to pickup a pair of skis for lightweight mountaineering objectives for use with my original Scarpa Aliens (plastic). I am 5'10" and ~145lbs sans gear, would you recommend the 169 or 177? I know it is a personal preference decision at the end of the day, but I figured I would see if you had any thoughts regarding the ability of the Aliens to drive the 177s confidently. Thanks!
Answer from Nate
Hi Conor, for mountaineering objectives generally the shorter of two applicable sizes is better. Better for maneuverability, skiing, bootpacking, scrambling, hop turning...all the things necessary for mountaineering. In addition, with a light boot like the Alien a shorter ski will have more control without overpowering the boot.
Answer from Conor P
Thanks for the quick response Nate. Appreciate the feedback.
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Model: Apple-X

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