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mountainFLOW Eco Skin Wax

Model: Eco-Wax Skin Wax
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Get younger skin(s)! mountainFLOW developed their Eco Skin Wax with gentle ingredients to give your skin the supple feel and performance it deserves. Delicately spritz a layer of this onto your climbing skins each morning before your cardio routine to cleanse, refresh, and revitalize them. This Eco Wax is a spray-on solution to prevent fatigue and moisture from seeping into the pores and ruining your day. Keep up with the young guns with mountainFLOW’s newest in-the-field, skin-care routine.

But really. Nobody likes climbing skins that are slow, slippery, or snow-collecting machines. MountainFLOW’s wax is an eco-friendly solution built to be an at-home or in-the-field fix for the problems that plague climbing skins due to ever-changing snow conditions. Contrary to Derek Zoolander’s famous quote, wetness is not the essence of beauty and your climbing skins do not need any more moisture. MountainFLOW is here to help your climbing skins stay dry and fast. Enjoy!

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