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Petzl meets the needs of ski mountaineers with a solid lineup of quality crampons that work with ski boots. Specialized binding systems, replacement Dyneema cords, and of course anti-snow plates to prevent accidents can be found here.

Replacement CORD-TEC dyneema cord for Leopard and Irvis Hybrid crampons. Sold in pairs(~59cm each) and comes with instructions for replacement and proper adjustment...
Petzl makes great crampons but after time and use you may need to replace a part. You could also upgrade other crampons with these binding parts. All parts are sold in pairs. Flexible Heel Bails - Imbued with the strength of Thetis' grasp, these bails will secure the rear portion of your welt-less footwear, and are compatible with Flexible Toe Bails. Flexible Toe Bails - Made..
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Flexible polymer anti-bott plates that attach to the crampon and eliminate the build-up of snow underfoot. The Petzl plates fit under models such as the Leopard and the all-steel Irvis(non-hybrid). The plates snap onto the crampons and secure with screws. Anti-bott plates like these are cheap insurance against dangerous balling. The Leopard plates/screws weigh 76g per pair, the ..
If necessity is the mother of invention, then lightweight is the moniker of Skimo Co. If you find it necessary to lighten up your crampon setup then Petzl's Kit Cord-Tec will help you do just that. Turn your Petzl Irvis or Dart crampons into a hybrid setup by replacing the traditional bar attachment with simple to use CORD-TEC cords that fasten to the lightweight aluminum heels. Th..
Mountaineering as a sport has many "pokey" things that are required as a bring along. Petzl is keeping your other non-pokey things safe in your pack with this ultralight pouch. Weighing in at mere 52 grams and measuring 15"x13" (38x33cm) you can easily stow your crampons without a big weight penalty. Plus, at that size you have something for under your butt should you need to wait ..
A nice feature of Petzl Crampons is the ability to mix and match toe and heel pieces. Steel for the front when ice is involved, but switch to aluminum when hitting a simple snow couloir. It's also nice to be able to order a spare toe for a trip or replace one if you kicked a little too hard into granite. Known as "Front sections" in Petzl parlance, replacement toe pieces are availa..
From $79.95

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