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Replacement CORD-TEC dyneema cord for Leopard and Irvis Hybrid crampons. Sold in pairs(~59cm each) and comes with instructions for replacement and proper adjustment.

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Questions & Reviews

EG1 (downright abused product)
Find it a necessity to carry one of these in the repair kit given how possible it is to fray/cut this cord if spending a lot of time on jagged/larger rock. Of course, other cord would work, but having this in the bag (weighs nothing and takes no space) makes it a super easy switch god-forbid the change out need to be in the middle of a route. Had one snap on me last winter - and wished I had one.
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Question from Taylor P
Is there any reason why this specific cord is required? I.e. could I just replace worn out cord with something else that fits?
Answer from Jeff
Hello Taylor, If you have a similar diameter Dyneema cord, sure. You would want Dyneema or similar. It isn't just stronger, but has less stretch compared to Nylon or regular cord.
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