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Petzl makes great crampons but after time and use you may need to replace a part. You could also upgrade other crampons with these binding parts. All parts are sold in pairs.

Flexible Heel Bails - Imbued with the strength of Thetis' grasp, these bails will secure the rear portion of your welt-less footwear, and are compatible with Flexible Toe Bails.

Flexible Toe Bails - Made of a resilient, yet supple, polymer, these bails allow you to use crampons with boots that lack toe welts, as well as welt-less footwear when combined with the Flexible Heel Bails.

Flexible Toe Bails Wide - Similar to the flexible toe bails, but designed for snowboard boots and NTN telemark boots without toe welts.

LeverLock Back Levers - Rear throw that fits with Irvis Hybrid, Leopard, and other crampons. Compatible with any Petzl toe bail.

LeverLock Back Levers 2023/24 - Rear throws that will fit Leopard and Irvis Hybrid crampons. Includes long straps to feed through semi-auto toe bails.

LeverLock Elastic Straps - Elasticized keeper strap for heel throws on the Leopard or Irvis Hybrid automatic crampons.

Reversible Linking Bars - Large - Large reversible linking bars for IRVIS, VASAK, SARKEN, LYNX, DARTWIN and DART crampons, pair.

Telemark Toe Bails - Toe bail to convert your Petzl crampon for duck bill boots.

Toe Wire Bails - Small - Replacement toe bail for smaller toed crampons.

Toe Wire Bails - Standard - Direct replacement toe bail for standard crampons.

Universal Linking Bars - Connector bars for several Petzl crampons, including the Irvis, Vasak, and Sarken.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jerry F
Hi, do you guys still sell the leverlock heel bails? Thanks!
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Jerry,

We do not have any at the moment, but we may still carry them in the future. Email us at if you'd like us to set you up with a product notification which will alert you when they come in!
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Question from Seamus
Hello, I just bought the larger bar on your site, but the head is too big and doesn’t end up extending my Irvis crampons. Do you guys sell one that does? Thanks
Answer from Emmett I

Unfortunately we only carry the Universal and Reversible - Large bars, nothing longer than those.
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Seamus (hasn't used product)
I bought these to extend my Irvis crampons as they were too small for my boots. The bar is longer than the one that comes with the crampons, but unfortunately this model of Large bar has a wider head and does not end up extending the size of the crampon. I will be returning.
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Question from Gabe
Are the reversible linking bars large longer than the standard Sarken bars?
Answer from Emmett I

We don't have a Sarken on hand to check, but shoot us an email at and we can look into it!
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Question from Colter
I have a pair of Blue Ice Harfang Alpine Hybrid crampons. I am trying to get them to fit to my La Sportiva Trango Tech but the semi-auto front bail they come with is too small to fit the boot (not wide enough). Would the flexible front bails from Petzl work/fit onto the harfang alpine and could that work to fit onto my Trango techs? I know it is a bit of a weird compatibility question!

Also, maybe you can't answer this but, what is your return policy. Could I order the flexible front bails and return them if they didn't fit?
Answer from Emmett I

The bails do fit on Blue Ice crampons, and a coworker here has used the bails with the Trango Techs. You will need to add some sort of second strap - one for the bail, one for the boot cuff.

You can find our full return policy here. Basically, full refund minus return shipping if it's unused and within 30 days.
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Question from Michael Fine
Does the flexible toe piece come with webbing for the heel piece? I'm trying to convert my Leopard LLF crampons for compatibility with boots without a toe welt, but it seems like it's not actually that much cheaper than just buying new ones...
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Michael, unfortunately, they do not. I'd recommend the "Flexible Heel Piece" in the drop-down menu above, which do come with the straps, It isn't an inexpensive fix but you will get a little more versatility out of your crampons.
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Question from Noah
I have some Lynx with the older style lever lock back levers. Will these lever locks work? I’m assuming it’s the same part for all petzl automatic crampons but want to make sure.
Answer from Brett S
Hey Noah, Petzl states these are compatible with T24A LLU Lynx crampons. Because we don't have them in stock, we can't comment on if these are compatible with older crampon models.
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Question from Zachary L
any chance you are getting more leverlock heel bail
Answer from Will McD
Hey Zachary, we expect some in fairly soon. I will sign you up for an email notification that will alert you once we get more in!
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Question from Arthur
Just bought a pair of flexlock leopards and tried them with my k2 minbender ski boots. They kept slipping off no matter how hard I fitted them. Which replacements parts would I need to make these fit my ski boots? Or is it that I am fitting them wrong? Also do you ship to New Zealand?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Arthur, sorry to hear about your predicament with the crampons. While the Leopard crampons with the Flexlock bails might not be quite as secure as the LeverLock FIL version in some conditions and especially not for front-pointing, they definitely shouldn't be falling off. If you were to purchase the LeverLock Back Lever, that would allow you to clamp down the back of the crampon much more securely, and combining that with the Toe Wire Bail should give you a pretty confidence-inspiring fit. Give us a shout at with any more questions!
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Question from Christian Thompson

Would the Standard toe bail work for the Scarpa F1 LT boot? I currently have a pair of Petzl Irvis crampons with a leverlock back and plastic flexlock front.

Thank you!
Answer from Zak M
Hey Christian, the standard toe bail should work just fine, they fit overall quite well.
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Question from Evan Y
I got the petzl leopard with flexlock in an attempt to have 1 pair of crampons for both ski touring and hiking. Flexlock should work for hiking boots / trail runners.

1. Which parts would I need to get to make this work for ski boots as well? (Presumably the leverlock back levers)
2. Could I use the same flex toe bails or would I also need to get different toe bails? I was thinking of removing the white plastic piece on the toe bail, but the metal bit looks different from regular ski boot crampons.
3. If I need to get separate toe bails - would the "small toe bail" on this page work for ski boots? My boot is the maestrale rs 2.0 size 27.0
Answer from Will McD
Hi Evan! You can actually use the attachments that come on the Flexlock for your ski boots as well as hiking boots! The Flex toe bails are designed to work over any boot, ski or otherwise, and the heel bail is designed to be universal as well. You could get a metal toe bail and leverlock back levers to make it easier and faster to put on your ski boots, but as I said, it is totally optional. The Small Toe Bail likely would fit very well with your ski boot, Petzl makes a Standard Toe Bail that would fit much better!
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Question from Christian Thompson

Could the leverlock back levers be used to replace the Irvis Flexlock binding?

Thank you,

Answer from Cole P
Hey Christain, the leverlock back levers can be used to replace the flexible heel piece in both the Petzl leopards and Irvis hybrid crampons.
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Question from Mike
Hi, which toe wire bail fits on the Leopard crampons: small or standard? Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Mike. Typically, Leopard crampons come with a standard wire bail. The small bail can be put on the crampon, however, unless you have an exceptionally small boot it is not a good option. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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Question from janny
Hello, I have petzl irvis uni crampons, the size of the bridge is originally up to size 45 (shoes EU size). I have size 42,5 and my skiboot size is 275 (skelet size 304mm). the size of the crampons is smaller. Is there a longer bridge available? there is no marking on it if it is M size or L size or anything (there is only number 18 and marking for right /left) thx.
Answer from Teddy Young
Thanks for reaching out! What model are your 27.5 ski boots? Also, do you have the Irvis with the metal center bar, or the Irvis Hybrid with the dyneema cord?
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Question from Johanna Pastoriza
Does the flex back flexible heel piece come with webbing to loop through toe pieces?
Answer from Cole P
Johanna, thanks for reaching out. The flexible heel piece does come with the webbing that will loop through the toe piece.
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Question from Brian P Richter
Are the lever lock back levers out of stock?
Answer from eric
Brian- Our inventory is live so if you do not see something in the drop-down menu then it is out of stock. I would think we will see more petzl parts soon.
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Question from William haig
Are the lever lock back levers and toe wire bails sold as pairs?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey William, thanks for reaching out, all parts on this page are sold in pairs!
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