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Like anything made by Petzl’s master craftspeople, the Trigrest weds functionality with simplicity. Compatible with Petzl Ice Axes such as the Ride, Gully and Sum’tec, the Trigrest is a pommel intended to enhance swing grip, preventing whoopsy-daisies that could see an axe careening out of your hand into a lurking bergschrund. The nylon and steel construction has a super solid feel, while an adjustment lever makes it simple to reposition on the shaft for plunging or snow anchor construction. The Trigrest has a tiny weight penalty with a hefty payoff for ascending moderately technical ski mountaineering surfaces.

  • 15g solid nylon and steel pommel offers security in multiple hand positions without slipping down the shaft.
  • Easy assembly, locking, and adjustment features.
  • Compatible with all Petzl ski mountaineering ice axes, except the Summit Evo.

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Questions & Reviews

Nels N (used product a few times)
It works as advertised, and well: easy secure attachment without slip, buying you some security on those steeper icy slopes without yet having to buy an ice tool. I got it for my Petzl Summit, which it is also compatible with. I also have the Summit Evo axe, which Petzl does not include as compatible with the Trigrest, but it can clamp onto the base of the Evo shaft. I think the reason Petzl didn't include the Evo is because of the flare the Evo has through the bend of the shaft, preventing you from placing the Trigrest anywhere along the length. I do wonder about the the Trigrest damaging the rubber grip of the Evo, so for now I'm keeping it on my Summit (and thanks to the rubber grip of the Evo, I don't feel the need for the Trigrest as much anyways)
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