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Sum’Tec is Petzl’s abbreviation for “somewhat technical.” Ok, not likely, but we are going to make the claim anyway and we’ll explain why. Light, and easily employed for daily use, its incredibly versatile design may be the ultimate axe for ski mountaineers.

The 55cm length is perfectly suited for walking in the piolet-canne (cane) position or plunging the shaft up steep, firm snow. As the angle steepens and your line becomes more technical, the adjustable “Trigrest” pommel can be repositioned anywhere along the shaft to quickly fine tune the grip. When things make the jump from steep mountaineering to technical climbing, the Sum’Tec again transitions flawlessly. A nicely curved shaft aids in clearance for swinging and hooking and the dropped “Ice” pick sinks easily into firm neve or water ice. Paired off with the matching hammer, Petzl Sum'Tec are the perfect tools to get you across a bergschrund or over an ice gully in routes such as the Ford-Stettner on the Grand Teton, the Kautz Glacier on Mt. Rainier, or any “somewhat technical” route of your choice.

  • Trigrest handrest allows quick changes of handsets position along the shaft.
  • Modular head allows for replacement or fine tuning of pick selection.
  • Steel spike provides solid purchase for cane position or plunging.
  • Adze and hammer are interchangeable as well as accessories for Nomic, Quark and Ergonomic axes.
Lengths (cm) 55
convert to ounces
460g [Hammer]
470g [Adze]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Steel, Aluminum, Nylon
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski Mountaineering, Alpinism
Notes Picks are interchangeable with Petzl's complete line for ultimate versatility.
Bottom Line Best tool for when things get "somewhat technical."
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Model: Sum'tec

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