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Plum Summit 12 Stopper Binding


The beautiful thing about backcountry skiing is the freedom the method of travel allows. With some skis and a bit of patience, a competent and fit skier can paint the snowy canvas however they want. On the descent, having the freedom to take some risks while skiing fast and playfully can be a truly magical experience and sometimes it may be worth carrying a few more grams uphill. If the compromise of a few grams for added robustness and climbing aids sounds like a fair one to you, then the Plum Summit 12 Stopper is the binding you want. A robust steel, aluminum and plastic construction, traditional heel brakes, and three levels of risers provide the reliability and functionality you need from your backcountry tools. The Summit has a raised toe piece that accommodates a wide range of boots and keeps your ramp angle in check. The brake pads have rollers which release more reliably when you bury a tip trying to drive wide skis in heavy snow at high speeds. If you go into the backcountry planning to ski hard and fast, or if you just want the added peace of mind of a burlier binding, then the Plum Summit 12 Stopper is for you.

  • Plenty of heel riser options just flip into place with the flick of a pole.
  • The heel plate adjusts 35mm to accommodate differing boot sole lengths.
  • The binding has adjustable release settings of 5.5-12.
  • Plum offers a three-year warranty on this binding.
  • Made in France.

Update 2021/22: The name "stopper" was added to differentiate this from the Summit 12, which does not have brakes. The ski crampon receptor is now removable, instead of being machined as a part of the toe piece. The binding largely remains unchanged.

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Weight (pair) 1118g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   100, 120
BSL Adjustment   35mm
Riser Heights   Flat + 2 risers. Flip-able with pole
Vertical Release   5.5-12
Lateral Release   5.5-12
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   CNC from 7075 Aluminium
Skimo Co Says
Usage Backcountry skiing, freeride touring
Notes Similar design to the Dynafit Radical with more aluminum
Bottom Line Fantastic binding for folks who place a premium on features and durability
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jack Z
Hey guys, can the brake unit on the Summit 12 be sold separately? I currently have a pair without brakes, but would like to install them. Thanks.
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jack, the brakes for the Summit 12 are not available separately. It's a different baseplate/track assembly entirely.
Answer from Jack Z
Thanks Gabriel. What I had meant was can the entire baseplate/unit/track be sold separately (not just the brakes)?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Jack, the baseplate for this binding is not available separately either.
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Question from Meghan
Would the 120 brake be too wide for a 110 ski?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Meghan, the 120mm brakes will hang over the edge of the ski pretty significantly, though they do sit fairly high from the top of the ski as well. The 100mm brakes are too narrow to fit. I've attached a few pictures of the 120mm brake on a 110mm waisted ski.
Answer from Gabriel I
Side view of the same.
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Question from Peter
Is the toe piece the same as on a plum guide?
Answer from jbo
Hi Peter, yes it's the same with a plate underneath.
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Question from Leah M
Hi, would either the 100mm or 120mm work for a 105 waist ski? I'm wondering if they have enough flex to bend/wouldn't be obnoxiously wide
Answer from Leah M
I went to my local shop and 100 works fine with 105 skis!
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Question from B-Jesus
Can the brake be removed?
Answer from jbo
Hi B-Jesus, the brake is not designed to be removable. Check out the Caribou for a brakeless version.
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Question from Marty C
Hi, do you have any ramp height dimensions yet for the this binding? Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Marty, unfortunately we have to wait until they arrive to measure. They will, of course, appear on our list of pin heights.
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Model: Summit 12 Stopper

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