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A pika is a cute mountain rat. The Plum Pika is a cute alpine touring binding. Both are known to thrive at altitude so let’s start by avoiding confusion. Adding this item to your shopping cart will net you beautifully machined ski touring bindings and not a “whistling hare” (pikas often sound a high-pitched alarm when burrowing).

Made in France, the Pika is a lightweight AT binding with an elegant design. Somewhat-similar to the WEPA, Plum chose to use a heel flipper for a riser and to integrate a removable brake-system. The release mechanism is fully adjustable in both lateral and vertical directions. In other words, this is a full-featured binding at a much lighter weight than you may be used to. We’re happy Plum chose Skimo blue.

  • Both lateral and forward release are fully adjustable from 4-10.
  • Heel sits on and adjustment rail that nets up to 20mm of BSL range.
  • Includes a pair of Plum leashes so you don't have runaway mountain rats.
  • Optional brakes* screw on quickly and come in 85, 95, and 105mm widths.
  • Removable crampon receptor (+10g) accepts Plum crampons quickly.
  • Included heel pad takes some pressure off the pins if you get rad.
  • “Too easy” toe piece is, well, almost too easy to step into.
  • Machined out of super-strong 7075 aluminum.
  • Comes with a rock-solid, 3-year warranty.

* Please note the brakes are sold separately.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 562g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes Optional 85, 95, 105mm
BSL Adjustment 18mm
Riser Heights 1 + flat
Vertical Release 5-10
Lateral Release 5-10
Crampon Ready Plum crampons only
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Lightweight touring, ski mountaineering
Notes Slick removable brake system
Bottom Line Just enough features to stay light!
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Eric S
Thinking of replacing my Vertical STs with these.
You guys list the hole pattern for Verticals as:

30 x 26.5 (+19) 32/36 x 52.5. [What does the (+19) refer to?]

And for the Pika:

30 x 26.5 32/36 x 53

I should be good to go if I'm careful with the screw-tightening order, right?

Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, yes that should work fine!
Answer from Eric S
Before I hit the "buy" button, two more quick questions!

1) Have you guys seen any problems with these bindings, at all?
2) I assume I had better get the 105 brakes for my Vectors (97mm waist) and that that won't be ridiculously wide?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, like most bindings with optional brakes (including your Vertical STs), we think it works best without brakes. True to form, the first gen brakes had some issues staying retracted. The 95mm brakes should fit fine for occasional use (we can verify that for you if you email us your ski length).
Answer from Eric S
Appreciate your candor. I'm reconsidering a bit. I like brakes.

I might have to send you my skis and have you remount with something with a different hole pattern. Zed perhaps?

My skis and bindings are fine -- I'm just tired of having to rotate the heel piece, which is such a P.I.T.A. when touring with a heavy pack.
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, we're always happy to do that. The Zed is the same category as the Pika though. Something like the Hagan Pure binding may fit your needs best, as it has an integrated 97mm brake with a nice anti-friction plate and you don't need to spin the heels, ever. As always, you can get personalized recommendations using our binding finder.
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Question from Alex
Is it true that PLUM have the same screw patterns as some Dynafit bindings? I'm currently using the TLT Speed 12 but I have had some issues with this binding and I'm thinking of switching to a Pika for next season. Do you think its possible to switch without piercing new holes in the ski? Or am I just being too optimistic.. :)
Answer from Nate
Hi Alex, the Pika is a great binding and I think you'd be very happy with it. It does not have a hole pattern that corresponds with your specific Dynafit bindings and you'll have to drill new holes if you want to use it.
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Question from Kevin
Do you have the brakes for this binding available now? What is the approximate weight of the brakes?
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, we expect availability within the next few weeks. Spec weight is 85g on the brakes.
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