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A fixture at the head of any skimo race, the original Alien 1.0 established a higher performance-to-weight benchmark. It’s difficult to imagine improving on a winner like this, but no one is arguing the reformulation doesn’t do just that. We’re calling it the Alien 1.1 (SCARPA still calls it “1.0”, but hey, that’s confusing. Maybe the Alien 1.0 v2?).

Keeping the full-carbon cuff, single throw ski/walk mechanism, and BOA instep closure that gave the 1.0 its racing and adventure successes, SCARPA smartly didn’t change what wasn’t broken. Instead, they’ve taken the minor areas of weakness and turned them into strengths, which is sure to continue this boot’s legacy performance. The lower is now made of Carbon Grilamid LFT material (from the Alien RS) which brings levels of stiffness and support at a low mass. The BOA closure system remains over the instep but is now internal, providing a closer fitting and more secure closure over the foot. A pain point of the original 1.0 was the difficult-to-enter sock-style liner; SCARPA has replaced it with a Crossfit Intuition BT liner featuring a full-length tongue that provides additional support and comfort. Some folks will be most excited by the integrated gaiter which increases the weather resistance and decreases instances of soaked feet. The SCARPA Alien 1.1 is an even better ski boot than the original, at a better price to boot (yay, puns).

  • Carbon Grilamid LFT shell increases stiffness and responsiveness.
  • Integrated gaiter keeps your feet dry and warm, a novelty!
  • Vibram UFO sole provides lasting traction on ridges and boot packs.
  • Internal BOA system provides better foot hold for precise edging.
  • Proven Alien ski/walk lever is still the quickest way to transition.

Update 2021/22: An updated color scheme and slightly thicker liner for comfort and performance will accompany the model.

convert to ounces
792g [27]
822g [28]
Weight (pair) 1584g [27]
1644g [28]
Buckles   Rope plus BOA, single throw latch
Boot Sole Length   262mm [24]
271mm [25]
279mm [26]
287mm [27]
296mm [28]
305mm [29]
313mm [30]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   75°
Forward Lean(s)   9°, 13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon-reinforced Grilamid lower, carbon cuff
Liner   Intuition Cross Fit BT
Sole   Vibram UFO
Skimo Co Says
Usage Skimo racing, training
Notes Integrated gaiter means less wet-feet
Bottom Line Next level Alien!
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Questions & Reviews

Question from thoma h
Will the size 27 fit a 27.5 linear? I know some old aliens the shells were sized 27-28.

Answer from Jeff
Thoma, Scarpa shell sizes are 27.5/28. And would use a 28 Intuition liner.
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Question from alastair
Would it work to put scarpa alien full length liners in the alien 1.1? I own the 1.1 and the plastic on the sides of the carbon upper rub against my calf causing discomfort.
Answer from jbo
Hi Alastair, yes a few of us have done that here. It makes for quite a nice touring boot.
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Question from Matt H
Hello, I currently have a pair of sz 27.5 PG Race 400 that are great on the width but a bit small on length and volume. I make the boots work for racing but am likely sizing up slightly and adding a training boot to the fleet. How would the forefoot width and volume of Alien 1.1 compare with the PG Race 400/Dynafit DNA?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Matt, the last on those PG boots is a bit wider than the Alien 1.1, but the Alien is a touch higher volume with a bit more room over the instep. The 27.5/28 Alien 1.1 shell will be about a half size longer than your 27.5 PG's.
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Chris S (used product regularly)
Try these boots! When I first got these, I'd never skied anything other than 4-buckle boots. Wow, what a difference! The lighter weight is very nice, but the unimpeded range of motion is game changing. And of course transitioning with a single lever throw is important for racing, but it makes touring that much better as well.

I was worried that these wouldn't ski well, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Yes, there definitely is a difference between these and a "beef" boot. But the tradeoff downhill is very manageable and is much less than the improvement in uphill performance. In addition to racing, I've started picking these for longer touring and ski mountaineering missions. They're probably at their best driving a ski 80mm or narrower, but I felt that they also did a pretty good job with a 96mm ski.
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Question from Tobias Schneider
How do they compare to the Pierre Gignoux Mountain boots?
I would want them for daily training, as well as for longer, more traverse-like and off piste, projects.

I already have a Scarpa Alien 3.0, but I find them a little bit too cold and the lack of waterproofness annoying. Also, I hope to get better downhill skiing performance, especially in more technical terrain, with the new boots, but I still want them light enough for my daily training.

The mountain is a little bit lighter, I think, and the downhill should be more controlled too. Are there any cons of choosing the Pierre Gignoux over the Scarpa?

Do you think the approximately 150g more (compared to my Alien 3) per foot make a huge difference in training?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Tobias,

For your use, I would lean towards the PG Mountain, for sure. The Alien 1.1 still has a backless liner, so it will not be the best for keeping snow out unless paired with a race-style pant with stirrups. Even then, not as warm as a full liner. The PG Mountain will be more waterproof, warmer, and with the full cuff and buckles, should be a more secure fit on the downhills. A better choice for adventuring in the backcountry.

In terms of fit, the Mountain is a little wider, and a little lower volume over the foot, than the Alien 1.1.

You could consider the 150 grams training weight :) I don't think it will make a huge difference. And for on-piste where weight is a priority, you still have your Alien 3.0s.
Answer from Tobias S
Thank you for the quick response!!

So would you then agree that the PG Black would be similiar to the Alien 1.1? Just that it's much less in weight? Are downhill performance and warmth comparable?

Also, when you recommend me to go with the Mountain one - what would you say would be the major benefit over the Black one?
I am little bit sceptical because I am afraid the Mountain could actually be a bit too warm for me or simply way too downhill-heavy for my everyday normal use...
Answer from Carlos M
I would say the Mountain is more of a full-carbon, ultralight all around touring boot, whereas the Alien 1.1 is a race boot that can be pressed into touring service. The Mountain will have a higher downhill performance. It is the most downhill oriented full carbon boot.

The Black may be a better choice for you if you would like something lighter than the Mountain but still with a full height liner.
Answer from Tobias S
How would you then compare the downhill perfomance of the Black with the Alien 1.1 and the 3.0?

I think I am simply looking for shoes that are a little bit better in the downhill than my Alien 3.0 and also a little bit warmer, so that I can use them for longer ski traverses as well. That's why I am trying to decide between the 1.1, the Mountain and the Black. The Black seems like the perfect match, but I am just not sure about the downhill benefit over the 3.0...
Answer from jbo
Hi Tobias, both the Black and the Alien 1.1 ski better than the 3.0 in my opinion. The 3.0 is super stiff and best paired with race skis. The carbon and bikini liner is also quite cold. Bring some boot gloves for added warmth.
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Question from pete
Will my CAMP XLC fully auto crampons work with these? Are they compatible with all crampons, or do I need something with the lever in the front (Grivel Skimatic or similar)? Seems like the older Aliens' walk/ski mode got in the way of the heel lever of some crampons, and I'm wondering if that's the case with these new ones?
Answer from Jeff
Pete, Most all Fully auto crampons work just fine with the Aliens.
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Question from Dane
I skied a 29 in the old Scarpa 1.0 from 2018 or so. But the boot was just marginally too small for me. I'm good to go in the Dynafit TLT6 @ 29 with a thicker liner (green or black boot) . And good for skiing only in a 28 (green) if I squeeze into them with a lwt/thin Dynafit liner.

I've tried the Scarpa F1 LT in a 29. Too small and a poor fit for me. Care to offer any feedback on getting a decent fit from a Alien 1.1 in a size 30?
Answer from Jeff
Dane, I also peeked at our past emails. You have used many different boots, with various widths. And seems the best fitting ones had wider lasts then the Alien's. Bumping up a size would give you 2mm wider last, which seems right for you. As you know the Scarpa size 30 is a 29.5/30 shell, so just slightly longer then the size 29 Dynafit's you use. There is always the possibility of heel lift when you get a boot that may be too long.
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colin thornton (used product regularly)
I love these boots and use them regularly on skis from 65mm - 85mm. They are a much better ski boot than the older Yellow version although I still prefer the older ones for racing actually, but these newer ones are a great all round Ski Mountaineering boot. However, in the past 2 weeks the ski walk level has snapped off the boot very easily, the screws seem to just rip out. This was on the first turn on easy angle slopes on a race ski. Luckily I was not in any real danger spots but curious to hear if this is a problem anyone else experiences? First time it was just the screws that blew out, got it repaired then the second time the screws ripped AND the lever snapped!

For the record, I am 180, 68kg.
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Question from Alfredo A
How do these fit compared to the F1 LT? I wear a 27 in that boot, and after breaking the liners in, they're pretty comfortable and just wide enough for my toeline. In terms of length, my toes are just touching the liner, but it's really perfect; no more and no less length.

The only major fit problem I have with them is the midfoot/arch area, which feels a bit aggressive to my relatively flat foot, and if I run or otherwise do skimo intervals, my arches get really sore for a few days.

Since these seem more narrow, I'm wondering if I should maintain the F1 LT BSL ~295mm and size up to a 28 here, unless that might give me too loose of a fit? Foot length is 268mm, and width is 102mm with thin race socks on.
Answer from Emmett I

The Alien is a bit narrower than the F1 LT, I'd recommend possibly having a look at the DNA, which is a bit wider. I'd avoid getting a bigger, longer boot to accommodate for width. If you'd like, fill out our boot fitter and we can get you some recommendations!
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Question from Brian h
I have a pair of Alien 1.1 circa 11/19. They have pretty light duty. I don't race and use them mainly for spring and summer corn skiing. The BOA snapped on my tonight during my dog walk tour. I've had 4 failures like this over the years, all in tour mode, 2 from the RS, 1 from the Dynafit TLT X and now from the Alien 1.1. What are my options to replace it? There is a snowboard shop in town that might do the work if I can't figure it out.
Answer from Emmett I

Did the cable snap, or did something in the dial snap? We've got some parts here.
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Question from Cecily Decker
Can this boot be punched out at all? I have hear mixed opinions about whether or not the plastic can withstand being heated and punched
Answer from jbo
Hi Cecily, I wouldn't count on drastically modifying the fit of this boot, but it seems to handle a small punch here and there. I did it to mine, in fact.
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Sarah H (used product regularly)
I've recently become a convert and I want everyone to know! When I bought these, I was very unsure if I was going too far (after all, if you go too light, then you'll find out the truth about how good of a skier you are, right?). I read the reviews and was convinced that these perform better than you might expect, and it's all true. Actually, funny story from my first outing in these, I've been rocking some old hard-charging Scarpas that are only slightly lighter than downhill boots (and perform just as well), and because they're so stiff, I've never used walk/ski mode, I honestly can't tell the difference. My first run in the Aliens was so exponentially disastrous, I feared I was in really big trouble and questioned all of my decisions. I skinned back up and on my second lap, I thought, oh I should probably flip these to downhill mode! And what do you know, flipping the switch takes them from a soft nordic-equivalent boot to a downhill beast with total control.
I love the BOA, I love love love the weight, I heat molded and they're uber comfy . I think my only gripe is the walk/ski mode bar when it's up (walk), my pants get caught on it, and also when I'm ready to switch, I have to pull my pant leg up to the top of my boot then pull it back down, which in the spring I'll probably just leave pants rolled up but in powder I think it's particularly important to keep some of the snow off these boots since it's hard to imagine they're fully waterproof (although I haven't had wet feet yet)
One comment on sizing if it helps anyone because these seem small to me compared to other scarpas, my foot is 22 centimeters, I generally wear a 23.5 mondo (in other Scarpa boots), or 37.5/6.5 in running shoes (sportiva, scarpa, salewa), 37 in sportiva mtn boots. These I got a 24 and they fit perfectly after a heat mold (with the lightweight Darn Tough merino ski) but there's no additional room for thicker socks when it's cold.
Reply from jbo
Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback! I can see some race pants in your future...the kind that you cut holes in (or they already have holes) for the Alien lever. For what it's worth, on my non-race pants, the lever just hangs out outside of them when it's up...don't really fuss with pulling them up or down.
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Question from Radu D
I currently have the Fischer Traverse CS Boot in 25.5 (great fit) and I was wondering how will this compare with the Alien 1.1 in size 26?
Answer from eric
Radu- With your current boot size the 26.0 would be the correct shell size. The Alien 1.1 is a little narrower than the Fischer but otherwise might be close for fit.
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Question from Andy D
I have an old pair of Aliens (purchased 2015) -- neon yellow version with plastic riveted on in the bending areas of the cuff to reduce snow/water entry. I've loved the boot's weight and range of motion. And they ski just fine for my old-school style of skiing (lots of turns, not particularly fast). What I haven't liked is how wet the boots get inside. Obviously some of the moisture is sweat but most of it is melted snow that wets out the liner to the point that my socks are often wringing wet. This is tolerable for day trips but far from desirable for multi-day trips.

So my main question about the Aliens 1.1 is whether the gaiter effectively blocks outside moisture from penetrating the boots and wetting out your feet. I want a very light boot that simply has me managing my sweat.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Andy,
The Alien 1.1 isn't perfect for staying dry in deeper snow as it is a tongueless gaitered race boot, but the taller gaiter is fully sealed to the scafo and will do much better than your OG Alien 1.0 at keeping out snow and moisture.
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Question from Mike
How does the fit of the Scarpa Alien 1.1 compare to the F1 LT? If I know for certain that my foot fits very well in the F1 LT, will my foot also fit well in the Alien 1.1? And is the sizing of the boots the same?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hello Mike. I have an Alien RS, the same lower as the F1 LT according to SCARPA, and the Alien 1.1 both in the same size. The 1.1 is going to have a similar lower that is a bit smaller but also comes with a smaller liner and is definitely snugger. I would think if the F1 LT fits you well without any problems the 1.1 may fit you in the same size.
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Question from Erik
Hello! I have the Alien 1.1 from 2020 in size 30. It turned out that the boot was a bit small for my feet, lacking both length and width in the front. I had the boot shell blocked two years ago, but i still think it is at bit to small. Any experiance on how much theese boots can be stretched? I am no longer a youth, and have started to prefer comfort over race fit. I think my best bet would be a size 31 boot...
Any other suggestions for big, but lightweight boot? It seems that most boots in this category only come up to size 30.
Answer from jbo
Hi Erik, with SCARPA sizing, the 30 is also the same shell as a 29.5 (if it existed). The Backland Ultimate is a half size bigger and the shell can be heat molded to fit bigger feet.

Finally, for the first time in skimo history, there may be size 31.0 race boots next season: the Dynafit DNA and Mezzalama are planned to be offered in that size. Note those would also be available in size 30.5 with the same shell, and they are narrow and seem to run a bit small.
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Question from Martin
I'm a happy user of the old yellow 1.0 Alien (over 6 years and around 200'000 m at 90kg!). Does this newer version have the same sole lenght, so swapping on fix-drilled race bindings isn't an issue?
Answer from Jeremy L
Hi Martin. These do have the same BSL as the old model. I'm sure you'll love the new boot and hopefully no need to redrill.
Answer from jbo
Hi Martin, some folks who have made that switch noticed a difference in BSL (enough to want to add an adjustment plate), despite them being listed as the same. They come from different molds and there can be some discrepancies.
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Question from David S
How will this compare to the LS Raceborg in terms of how big a ski it can drive?
Answer from Brett S
Hey David, both are race boots and only designed to drive race skis. With that in mind, the 1.1 would be the better suited of the two to drive slightly bigger skis.
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Question from Garrett E
I am also curious about how to use of the 2 sets of "stick-on" pads that come with the boots. I would like to put some extra padding around my calf but am unsure if I should use just one or both sets of padding. Interested to hear what other people have been doing.
Answer from Jeff
Garrett, The two sets are different thicknesses, so you would use whichever achieves what you need for fit. They cover a lot of the cuff, you can trim and mix and match as needed.
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Question from Dave R
Maybe a dumb question, but I can't find any info in the owner's manual or on Scarpa's website or here about use of the 2 sets of "stick-on" pads that come with the boots. I assume they are for the liner as a sort of ankle wrap if needed. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
Answer from Tristan M
Hi Dave,

The foam pads that included in the box are intended to help with filling out areas that are too high volume for your foot. For example, adding foam behind your calf in the cuff to ensure a more snug fit in the cuff area. Another option could be using that pad in the ankle/heel area to increase heel hold. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to!
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