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Weighing in at under 100g, the Blue Ice Choucas Light harness is definitely light! At the same time, it’s also extremely practical. The ski mountaineering harness is robust, packs easily, and fits in your pocket. Leg loop clips let you take it on and off with your skis on. Winner of an Outdoor Industry Award for its innovative design, the Choucas Light is guaranteed to inspire you to climb further, faster, and with confidence.

  • Designed to be put on without taking off the skis.
  • Patented leg loop openings that are quick to connect.
  • Adjustable waist clip ensures a snug fit for safety.
  • 2 gear loops and 2 ice-screw keepers keep you organized.
  • Built with light and strong HiMOd PE material.
  • CE/EN 12277 type C and UIAA certifications.
SIZES Small Medium Large

65 - 80 cm

25.5 - 31.5 in

75 - 90 cm

29.5 - 35 in

85 - 110 cm

33.5 - 43 in

Leg Loops

45 - 55 cm

18 -21.5 in

50 - 60 cm

19.5 - 23.6 in

55 - 65 cm

21.5 - 25.5 in

convert to ounces
88g [M]
Gear Loops 2
Drop Seat Yes
Skis-On Don Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyethylene webbing, polyamide webbing, aircraft-grade aluminum leg buckles
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, alpinism, general mountaineering
Notes Small volume, light, patented leg openings
Bottom Line Light and efficient
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Brandon N
Can you take a fall on this harness? is their a ski mountaineering harness rated for taking a climbing fall?
Answer from Emmett I

These are fully certified to take a fall, it will just be a lot less comfortable than a true climbing harness. I definitely wouldn't want to take a sizable lead fall on this harness. Also, some/most climbing gyms won't let you use mountaineering harnesses.
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Comment from Brian h
I like my Petzl harness in the same category but one of the plastic buckles that hold the leg loops up broke yesterday and now it's nearly unusable. Not sure if I can warrantee but the plastic is a liability. I like this design better. Stepping up now.
Reply to this comment:

Nate (downright abused product)
This is my favorite harness that I’ve ever owned. The reason why is because it’s so light and compact, I never question whether or not I want to have a harness with me. I just toss it in the pack, and it disappears. When I need it, I’ve got it. I love how it can disappear under the hipbelt of a pack. Something that frequently irritates me with other harnesses while climbing and skiing. The packbelt, and harness are fighting for the same space and the pack ends up losing and riding up on my torso. When I’m not wearing a pack with a big belt, this harness has nice, but minimal gear loops that can hold my crevasse rescue, rappel, and other climbing gear (as long as I keep it to a minimum or rack in trees off of my carabiners.)

For anyone who is considering purchasing this harness but is concerned that it may be too specialized, I would suggest that it’s much more versatile than you might initially think.
I’ve used the Choucas Light for alpine routes, rappels while skiing, ice climbing, summer scrambles that get a little too technical, self-evacuation from chairlifts while ski patrolling, and even glacier travel (which was probably its original intent).
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Pete (downright abused product)
Sweet for specific applications. For skimo races I believe a more traditional shape, like the alp racing, simply rides better. But for packability and use on long alpine/ice days this design can't be beat.

Taking one star off because the blue mesh that makes up the structure between the dyneema, pokes through and can abrade clothing.
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Eric (downright abused product)
Used this for skimo races and glacier travel last winter and summer scrambling and easy alpine climbing this summer. I DEFINITELY do not want to take a fall in it (or any other skimo harness) but it's fairly comfortable for rapping or even belaying. The adjustment system works really well and never feels like it's going to fall off. The gear loops are actually big enough for a small scrambling rack (though I wish there were two additional gear loops - so 1 star removed). Just make sure you tie into both bunny ears and you're good to go!
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