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Fischer Verticalp Ski

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A Vertical skimo race is very simple: first one to the top wins. No transitions, no skiing. This is a racing classification designed to figure out who is the fittest alpine athlete that knows how to skin uphill. Although not many of such races are held stateside, it’s commonly featured for one day at World Cup events in Europe. The Verticalp ski is designed to win such races.

As you can imagine, weight is an important factor in uphill-only races. As such, the Verticalp tips the scales at a scant 580 grams. But mass isn’t the only factor in getting up hill fast; kick turn efficiency becomes very important. As such, Fischer installed a tuning system that allows you to adjust the center of gravity by sliding a weight fore or aft along the ski. This means you can make the tails drop during your kick turns so you can just pivot instead of potentially flailing. In short, the Verticalp will maximize your uphill skiing potential.

  • Weight Tuning system lets you control the pivot-point balance.
  • Air-Tec Ti construction is a scored core with titanium reinforcements.
  • Aeroshape topsheet sheds snow which can add weight to your ski.
Lengths (cm) 161
convert to ounces
615g [161]
Weight (pair) 1230g [161]
Dimensions 82-64-72
Turn Radius 43m [161]
Skin Fix Tip notch
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Traditional camber
Shape Aeroshape curved top, recessed tail
Construction Cap w/ Air Tech channels
Core Paulownia wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Vertical races
Notes Curved topsheet sheds snow
Bottom Line Uphill MACHINE

Questions & Reviews

Question from Никита
How the fischer Verticalp works, when you descenting?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Никита! Well, to be honest, it doesn't. There's a large warning on the side that says you shouldn't attempt to ski downhill with the ski otherwise you can risk breakage...but it does go uphill really well so there's that!
Answer this question:

Eric (used product a few times)
I've only used them three times really, in races.

Super light. Easy to adjust the weight using their weight system. Actually, I was able to use an older, heavier binding that I normally wouldn't have used on a new race ski because I was able to just remove weights! That's definitely a plus. The tip notch is a bit deeper to make the skins stay on more securely. Mounting was no different than any other race ski but with more carbon.

I'd love to see an even straighter cut and more camber for better striding. White top-sheet to catch less snow would be ideal.
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