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The species known as Anna's Hummingbird is a tiny bird indigenous to the Pacific coast of the United States, and measures only 4 inches long from beak to tail. These hummingbirds must remain light and small enough to maneuver the delicate aerial world that they inhabit, yet tough enough and fit enough to tirelessly seek out the pollen-laden flowers they need to survive. Just like our feisty little bird friends, the Blue Ice Hummingbird ice axe provides maximum performance at a minimal weight. On one end, a resin-secured titanium head makes for a comfortable and non-glove-damaging grip, while on the other a textured shaft provides low-friction security at a minimal weight. Whether you're plunging up chutes, nosing out onto that 50° slope, or delicately traversing a 4th class scramble, the Blue Ice Hummingbird ice axe will inspire confidence and provide the security you need for all your steep-skiing shenanigans.

  • The curved aluminum sandblasted shaft is durable yet remains as light as a feather.
  • The Hummingbird fully conforms to the CE / EN 13 089 ice axe certification standard.
  • A resin plug at the base of the shaft stops snow build-up before it even happens.
  • The titanium head holds well and remains light as a feather.
  • The 50cm option conforms with ISMF regulations.
  • Includes an elastic pick and adze protector.
  • Made in Chamonix, France.
Lengths (cm) 45, 50
convert to ounces
205g [45]
219g [50]
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Titanium head, sandblasted aluminum shaft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, alpinism, mountaineering
Notes Optional sliding pommel available separately (+19g)
Bottom Line Ultralight yet tough ice axe
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Questions & Reviews

Eric (downright abused product)
As light as it gets and actually climbable. Very similar to the Gully - just slightly less aggressive (not as suitable for steeper ice and mixed). I only wish they made it with a hammer! As mentioned by Pete - add the Petzl trigger and you're psyched.
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Pete (used product regularly)
Not much to say. So light, and performs as should. One point is it climbs much better than the competitor's uber light axes, Camp corsa comes to mind. I believe this is due to the low profile and down-turned pick.
Petzl trigger rests fit on nicely.
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Model: Hummingbird Ice Axe

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