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John P

John P




6' 4"


190 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

Recent Posts

for mounting trofeos with the R01 30mm heel plate can I use the Haute Route template?
Awesome read! Luckily the wind river range isnt going anywhere so as soon as you get a new pad you can head back out! On a side note with Wildsnow recently selling out there is a void in well written ski touring content online. It would be awesome to see Skimo keep posting this kind of content with more regularity (trip reports, gear mods, avalanche content, photo essays etc..) Skimo already has a huge reader base judging by the comments section of every piece of gear they sell. The touring community wo...
Thanks, follow up question: how does the height of these liners compare to the power lt version? Wondering if they are much taller? Thanks.
I am using both the raider toe shims and brake seat covers on the raider 12. I love to fiddle with my gear to get exactly what I want and its awesome that ATK provides all of these parts to help me do so. I have used b&d shims in the past but the ATK ones are milled exactly for this toe, giving a much cleaner look. The brake seat covers work well for filling the hole created by yanking the brakes out, not much else to say there. keep fiddling.
The Pros: lightweight, good side coverage, bungle in the back big enough for goggle straps, plenty of adjustibilty for various hat/buff combos. The foam is much more durable than the previous vapor model I was using. The Cons: wish it had some sort of ski rating like the petzl meteor. looks a little mushroomey when worn. adjustments are challenging with thick gloves on. Overall a good bucket for ski touring.

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