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John P

John P




6' 4"


190 lbs

Shoe Size

US 12.00

Skier Type

Type III - Aggressive

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

Recent Posts

Thanks, follow up question: how does the height of these liners compare to the power lt version? Wondering if they are much taller? Thanks.
I am using both the raider toe shims and brake seat covers on the raider 12. I love to fiddle with my gear to get exactly what I want and its awesome that ATK provides all of these parts to help me do so. I have used b&d shims in the past but the ATK ones are milled exactly for this toe, giving a much cleaner look. The brake seat covers work well for filling the hole created by yanking the brakes out, not much else to say there. keep fiddling.
The Pros: lightweight, good side coverage, bungle in the back big enough for goggle straps, plenty of adjustibilty for various hat/buff combos. The foam is much more durable than the previous vapor model I was using. The Cons: wish it had some sort of ski rating like the petzl meteor. looks a little mushroomey when worn. adjustments are challenging with thick gloves on. Overall a good bucket for ski touring.
I was fortunate to hear Lowell give a presentation on his new book and it was amazing. If you are interested in the history of northwest skiing I highly recommend you read this book. Lots of great photos and rich ski history across the PNW region.
I am on the 21/22 version of this ski and have now been on 10-15 tours with them in the pacific northwest. I am 6"4' 190lb on the 185cm length. The full setup (which I highly recommend) is the atomic backland 95, ATK raider 12 (brakes removed) and the fischer transalp pro. This skis lightweight and reasonable waist make it a great all around ski for day in day out tours. It provides confident edge hold in firm conditions and the rearward mount point help keep the tips afloat in powder. I am using the ...

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