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Nathan H

Nathan H




6' 0"


175 lbs

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Type II - Moderate

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Just finished a 6 day ski mountaineering trip in the Cascades with no complaints, a no-fuss binding on my Voile Hypervectors. I'm 180lbs and my pack was 43lbs, no durability or release issues. It is really nice to be able to slot on the ski crampons without taking your skis off! Used the tallest riser a fair bit and never felt like I needed more. My only quam is the design of the toe lever that doesn't facilitate the use of a ski pole tip - have to use ski pole grip or your hands. The hard plastic of t...
My wife has been skiing and LOVING her 161 MTN Explore's with tele gear for several years. She has done the Haute Route in them and skis resort groomers in them. She has to get a new AT set up which she will use for multi-day mid winter and spring tours i.e. situations that will present deeper snow and more chunder. My question is, do we stick with what has worked or should we "explore" some 95mm ski options in the 160mm length range? What 95mmish skis would you recommend that would have similar charact...
Purchased these this winter for back up warmth to wear over liner gloves. My wife has a pair of similar mittens from some other euro company that she raves about so I thought I'd give these a go. The fit and finish is very nice. The opening however stays open and the cold is always seeping in, especially when my hands are clenched or fingers bent i.e. almost always. When I hold my poles the slot folds open so my bare or gloved hands are in contact with the pole grip. So a bit disappointed.
Hello there, I've been skiing Fischer TransAlp 90s with F1s for weeklong 40lb pack tours in the Alps and Cascades for the past few springs. I'm looking at the Hyper Vecor and the Mtn Explore 95 as an earlier season ski for similar tours that would provide a bit more overall stability while on the down. Will the Hyper Vectors provide that stability without the weight penalty or do I just need to pay the piper and get the heavier Mtn Explores? I'm 6' 170lb without the pack.Thanks for your insights!
The length is just right allowing me to step out but not too long that they drag. The nose on the carbiner is too big and makes it a hassle to unclip. I shaved the nose down and it works much more smoothly.

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