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Plum Oazo Binding

Brand: Plum
Model: Oazo
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Availability: Late November - Notify Me
Price: $489.95
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The “Race Plus” category is growing neatly. That is, alpine touring ski bindings that are more featureful than race-bindings but more streamlined than traditional touring designs. The Plum Oazo embodies that trend with a slick set of features that have it sitting right at the 200 gram mark (after which you start to feel the weight every step). The sturdy toe is a proven design that is simple, light, easy to operate, and nothing more. The heel-piece features a fixed vertical release that hits the sweet spot for many skiers while the lateral release is adjustable from 4-10. Multiple easily-accessed risers are at your disposal should you need them, just flip the flaps into place. No rotation is necessary to climb, making it super easy and fast to transition. However, you can also rotate the heel for a full flat-on-ski mode for long approaches. If you have tried a Plum binding before, chances are you’ve taken note of the durability and ability to outlast multiple skis and boots while performing at a high level. The Oazo is no exception, and offers a tempting combination of weight and features.

  • 20mm adjustment track to accommodate multiple boots.
  • Included crampon receptor comes at-the-ready on the toe piece.
  • Fixed vertical release value and adjustable lateral release values from 4-10.
  • Three total climbing positions including a flat-on-ski mode.
  • Includes Plum Leashes so you don't lose your bling.
  • Generous 220lb skier weight limit.
-> ounces
Weight (pair) 400g
Boot Compatibility Tech
Brakes Leashes included
BSL Adjustment 19mm
Riser Heights 2 + flat
Vertical Release Fixed
Lateral Release 4-10
Crampon Ready Yes
Materials 7075 aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring, mountaineering
Notes No need to turn heel piece to use the risers!
Bottom Line Light and versatile.
Question from nico
Hey guys

Two quick questions for you
1. Is it the same mounting pattern as the wepa?
2. Couldn't find any data about the ramp angle, same as the wepa?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Nico! I can't be certain because we haven't seen it yet, but based on the adjustment plate it looks a lot like the mounting pattern is the same as the Race 170. We don't have any info on the ramp angle either, but I am assuming it's going to be low. Sub 8mm probably, but ideally I'd like to see it at less than 4mm.
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Question from Brian H
Seems like the important question here is whether Plum will provide you with stand alone heel pieces for those of us wanting to pair our existing toes with this more heavily featured heel. I'm in if you will be carrying them.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Brian, good to hear from you. Here's the scoop: for you, anything's possible. They're not available on the order forms so as of now they are not available individually. Plum offers every other heel piece individually though and when you factor in their incredible ability to come up with excessive amounts of spare parts I think the future for individual Oazo heel pieces is bright. But no, not yet. Or not officially at least. How's that for not helpful?
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