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The “Race Plus” category is growing neatly. That is, alpine touring ski bindings that are more featureful than race-bindings but more streamlined than traditional touring designs. The Plum Oazo embodies that trend with a slick set of features that have it sitting right at the 200-gram mark (after which you start to feel the weight every step). The sturdy toe is a proven design that is simple, light, easy to operate, and nothing more. The heel-piece features a fixed vertical release that hits the sweet spot for many skiers while the lateral release is adjustable from 5-10. Multiple easily-accessed risers are at your disposal should you need them, just flip the flaps into place. No rotation is necessary to climb, making it super easy and fast to transition. However, you can also rotate the heel for a full flat-on-ski mode for long approaches. If you have tried a Plum binding before, chances are you’ve taken note of the durability and ability to outlast multiple skis and boots while performing at a high level. The Oazo is no exception, and offers a tempting combination of weight and features.

  • 19mm adjustment track to accommodate multiple boots.
  • Included crampon receptor comes at-the-ready on the toe piece.
  • Fixed vertical release value and adjustable lateral release values from 5-10.
  • Three total climbing positions including a flat-on-ski mode.
  • Includes Plum Leashes so you don't lose your bling.
  • Generous 220lb skier weight limit.

Update 2019/20: Plum officially started calling this binding the "Oazo 8" to differentiate it from the prior season's Oazo 6. There were no changes.

convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 412g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes   Leashes included
BSL Adjustment   19mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   Fixed
Lateral Release   5-10
Crampon Ready   Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring, mountaineering
Notes No need to turn heel piece to use the risers!
Bottom Line Light and versatile
Compare to other Lean Bindings

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Questions & Reviews

nathan h (used product regularly)
Just finished a 6 day ski mountaineering trip in the Cascades with no complaints, a no-fuss binding on my Voile Hypervectors. I'm 180lbs and my pack was 43lbs, no durability or release issues. It is really nice to be able to slot on the ski crampons without taking your skis off! Used the tallest riser a fair bit and never felt like I needed more. My only quam is the design of the toe lever that doesn't facilitate the use of a ski pole tip - have to use ski pole grip or your hands. The hard plastic of the top of my pole grip likes to slide off the adonized lever so a bit of a pain but not a big deal.
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Redd (used product a few times)
I was super stoked on these binders, seem like a great fit for my new lightweight Voile objectives. Unfortunately it seems that maybe ~200g is not enough material for my height/weight/style. (6'3" 185#) Day one was a quick run up the road at Millcreek with my dogs to simply feel them out. Day 2 was a mellow day at Alta with my 68 year old dad to get a little downhill on them and the skis and bindings felt great. Day 3 was a low angle tour in big Cottonwood, and when I went to release my toe to put my skins on for a third lap, the lever split and it failed to release. It has a large crack in it and the lower portion of it is splayed out on one side, it just flops around freely. Called it a day and gingerly skied out on it, and while it did seem to be holding my toe adequately, it was obviously broken, possibly locked, and a little spooky to ski on. I'm really down because I suddenly don't feel the faith in them that I was trying to build before taking them on big multiday objectives where I'm hours or days from an exit.

But they are light and they are truly beautiful!!! I just need them to also not break.
Reply from jbo
Hi Redd, sounds like something is wrong. Bring 'em in for us to check out!
Reply from Redd B
The awesome crew at SkimoCo swapped the broken toe out and it worked great for the rest of the season. Is there a way I can change or repost my review to reflect my improved view of these bindings?

Thank you again!
Reply from jbo
Hi Redd, we're happy to delete or edit if you send your new rating and text to help@skimo.co!
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Question from Javier Castellar
I have been skiing on Plum Guides for many years mounted on early carbon DPS Wailer 99 187cm but I am considering upgrading to Plum Oazo 8. I weight 75Kg and my normal bind setting is 8.5
Few silly questions:
(A) Is it correct to assume that the Oazo screw mounting patterns match both the toe and the heel of the Guides (plan to reuse the holes and maybe even the screws if same depth to be sure I reengage the same thread).
(B) It looks like the system should be as sturdy as my guides but double checking here.
(C) Should I gorila glue before remounting or instead red lo title the threads?
Just trying to save 0.6 Kilos to increase by first aid kit!
Thank in advance - you guys are the best shop!
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Javier, thanks for reaching out!

A) The Oazo and Guide have the same toe pattern, but different heel patterns.
B) The Oazo is designed to be more minimal and lightweight, so the Guide might still win the burliness award.
C) DPS recommends epoxy to go in the holes when mounting bindings, most other ski manufacturers recommend wood glue.

I think the Oazo is a worthy upgrade, and an improved first aid kit is always nice to have!
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Question from Ben V
Hey folks, just wondering if you've encountered durability problems with the risers on these? I managed to snap off a set after a few dozen long days of use. Love the binding, trying to decide if its worth it to buy another pair. Thanks!
Answer from Ben V
Allow me to answer my own question, it looks like you can buy replacements right on this very website! :) Available here: https://skimo.co/plum-binding-parts
Answer from jbo
Wow Ben, what did you do?!? That would be covered under warranty, send us your order # and we'll get you squared away.
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Susan H (used product a few times)
These are a gateway binding: once you go minimal-ish, it is hard to remember why those Speed Turns (or Speed Rad's) sounded like a good idea in the first place. Try these, and next thing you know you'll have an excel spreadsheet with weights and binding deltas for various franken-binding setups, a cart full of 170 heel pieces (they share the same hole pattern), and be scheming various ways to even further lighten your quiver. Your pants will get tighter, your pack smaller, and you'll have to fight the sudden urge to cut notches into all of the tips of your skis.

The uphill on these is great: I haven't had a chance to use the high riser, but foresee getting some action on it next season when the steep-skinner-setting macho bros come back out to play. The heel pieces are kind of difficult to turn when the ski is attached to your toes, but have started to loosen up a little bit. I only seem to use the flat on the approach and then turn to the low setting once the up starts.

Downhill performance is also fantastic: I never felt chattery or like the bindings were going to explode out from under me. I honestly didn't even notice them, which is kind of the point, no? Granted, I was skiing powder on them, but they handled the big skis to which they were mounted (164 cm Voile Hyper Drifters) with aplomb (a-Plum?). I look forward to thrashing these next season.
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Question from drh
Greetings- I'm looking at this binding for big tours and adventure skiing. It would be used with Voile Hyper V6 and Maestrale boots. Don't need brakes and do need ski crampons. The only other bindings I've used are Dynafit Speed Radical (my daily driver) and G3 Ion (nice but heavy). Would this be a good choice or do you think there would be something better? Thanks!
Answer from Teddy Young
I think the Oazo might be a great option for you! It has a great balance between features and weight. If you fill out our Binding Finder, we can let you know if the fixed vertical release value is appropriate for you!
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Stano at SkinTrack (used product regularly)
This binding is a really nice cross between full-featured and "almost race" bindings. The heel functions well with the flapping risers and you can spin it either way without worry. The toe simply does the usual job well.
I have used it for skiing in any snow, any terrain and also with a heavy pack. So far, it performed without any issues.
I have also used the Plum Race 170 heel for long time (I like it) and the Oazo is more comfortable to use without much more weight.
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Question from Ray H
Will the Plum 170 heel fit onto the Oazo mounting plate and are the toes the same as 170’s.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Ray, the Oazo heel should fit into a Race 170 adjustment plate and the toes are the same, just different colors!
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Question from Michael M
Any word on the approximate vertical RV of this U spring?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Michael! In an attempt to safeguard our butts as much as possible, we try to avoid publishing that info as much as possible just because of the liability aspect of it. It varies a lot depending on a few things like boot size and ski flex. Send me an email and we can chat about if this is an appropriate binding for you or not.
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Comment from TSB
Hey Skimo Co, psyched for some new Plum eye candy (possibly ski candy, to replace Plum Guides on my powder skis). Any chance these will be carried as an individual heel unit? I know anything's possible for Harder... what about the rest of us? :-) Secondary question: What's the compatibility of the Oazo heel with a Race toe, or another lower-stack-height toe piece? Would the ramp angle be too great w/o shimming the toe? Thanks in advance.
Reply from jbo
Hi TSB, the Oazo toe is a race toe! Unfortunately the heels won't be available separately this season, so good thing they are a match with the toes ;)
Reply from TSB
Gotcha. Thanks JBo. Got confused by that sweet orange color, which matches my Guides!
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Question from Gabriel R
Hi Skimo,

If I weigh 90-91kg will the vertical release of 8 be an issue for me? My DIN setting is usually around 9.5-10. I am looking for a mountaineering binding that will go on a Black Crows Vastus Freebird ski that is 76 underfoot and a 163.

Thank you,

Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Gabriel! This has a lot of potential for sure. We haven't been able to test the vertical release value on it yet so I can't confirm if it's actually going to be releasing at an 8, but if it is, then I think it's probably a bit low for my liking if you are normally at 9.5 or 10. If the spring tests a bit higher than was predicted and it's 9 or higher then this would be a perfect binding for you.
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Question from nico
Hey guys

Two quick questions for you
1. Is it the same mounting pattern as the wepa?
2. Couldn't find any data about the ramp angle, same as the wepa?

Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Nico! I can't be certain because we haven't seen it yet, but based on the adjustment plate it looks a lot like the mounting pattern is the same as the Race 170. We don't have any info on the ramp angle either, but I am assuming it's going to be low. Sub 8mm probably, but ideally I'd like to see it at less than 4mm.
Answer from jbo
Hi nico, I can now confirm the mounting pattern is the same as the Race 170 and the pin-height delta is +4mm.
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Question from Brian H
Seems like the important question here is whether Plum will provide you with stand alone heel pieces for those of us wanting to pair our existing toes with this more heavily featured heel. I'm in if you will be carrying them.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Brian, good to hear from you. Here's the scoop: for you, anything's possible. They're not available on the order forms so as of now they are not available individually. Plum offers every other heel piece individually though and when you factor in their incredible ability to come up with excessive amounts of spare parts I think the future for individual Oazo heel pieces is bright. But no, not yet. Or not officially at least. How's that for not helpful?
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