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Voile Hyper Vector Ski

Brand: Voile
Model: Hyper Vector
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If you aren’t having a good time skiing the Voile Hyper Vector, stop and consider whether you really like skiing. It doesn’t get any more fun than this. With a shape and dimensions to handle any condition, turn-initiation bordering on telepathic, and a personality allowing for uninhibited speed, this ski can do it all.

Continuing the direction from the Vector to the Ultra Vector, the Hyper Vector combines the strengths of the skis before it: the ability to charge hard with excellent edge hold. What brings the Hyper Vector to the forefront of the line is Voile’s modern Paulownia and carbon core technology, reducing the weight of the substantially over prior versions. Getting this level of performance, versatility, and fun out of a ski is a rare experience and Voile seems to have nailed the recipe.

  • Voile Hybrid Rocker smooths all snow conditions and keeps the speed high.
  • Medium radius side-cut allows for variable turn shapes.
  • Full 2mm edges make no compromises in durability.
  • Polyamide topsheet withstands use and abuse for many seasons.
Lengths (cm) 171, 177, 184
-> ounces
1190g [171]
1310g [177]
1395g [184]
Weight (pair) 2380g [171]
2620g [177]
2790g [184]
Dimensions 127-94-111 [171]
130-96-114 [177]
133-98-116 [184]
Turn Radius 18.5m [171]
19.5m [177]
20m [184]
Skin Fix Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape Rounded tip, medium radius, easy to turn
Construction Polyamide cap
Core Paulownia wood and carbon-weave
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-day, all-around ski touring machine
Notes Carves hard on firm, floats well in the soft
Bottom Line Durability and light weight in a solid all-around package.
Question from nathan h
Hello there, I've been skiing Fischer TransAlp 90s with F1s for weeklong 40lb pack tours in the Alps and Cascades for the past few springs. I'm looking at the Hyper Vecor and the Mtn Explore 95 as an earlier season ski for similar tours that would provide a bit more overall stability while on the down. Will the Hyper Vectors provide that stability without the weight penalty or do I just need to pay the piper and get the heavier Mtn Explores? I'm 6' 170lb without the pack.Thanks for your insights!
Answer from TSB
Hey Nathan! Gosh, those sound like fun tours! I bet you're a corn-hunting pro at this point. No, I would not say the Hyper Vector is less stable than the MTN Explore 95. The MTN does have a stiffer tail with a bit less rocker, so it may hold up better if you prefer ripping in the backseat and don't want your tails to wash out. Given the variable conditions you may be encountering, however, I think the additional rocker and rounder flex of the Vector may be ideal, especially if you sized up to 177cm for float purposes.
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Question from Fred P
Similar to Fred above I'm curious about the Hyper V6 & Hyper Vector... thanks for answering that question.

How is the flex of the Hypervector compared to the original Blizzard ZeroG 95 (185cm)? I've been skiing the ZG 95 for several seasons now and would like something a bit easier & more calm for general Wasatch touring.
Answer from
Hey Fred P, the flex in both the Hyper Vectors and Hyper V6's are significantly softer than the Zero G's while the V6's will be even softer than the Vectors. The Hyper Vectors will definitely be an easier ski for general touring and will be a blast in the Wasatch.
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Question from Fred
Any thoughts on Hyper Vector vs Hyper V6?? Similar dimensions but the Vector is a little stiffer, right? Does the Hyper Vector feel hooky or can it go fast without feeling like it’s sending you back uphill?
Answer from
Hello Fred! The main differences between the ski is the side cut and flex pattern. The Vector has a larger turning radius and a stiffer tail. The V6 was developed to have a ski with similar dimensions as the Vector but re-designed to be more playful in soft snow. You should feel comfortable skiing the Vector fast without feeling hooky. While the V6 is a little easier to slide the tail compared the Vector.
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Question from Scythian
Is there any potential reason in the world, aside the price, for choosing Ultravector over Hypervector? Specifically, are there any stability issues due to the reduced weight on the descent? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff M
Hey Scythian! The difference in construction is only one layer of Carbon weave and an Aspen core. So the ski is more damp, which would be nice when skiing firmer or cut up snow. If you are just skiing tracked pow and want the lightest ski, the Hyper Vector will not disappoint.
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Question from Dan
I am 5'11" and weigh 175 lbs. Voile's website gives a recommended skier weight for each length, and I fall in the 177 cm category. However, I prefer shorter skis and wonder if this recommendation should be considered over personal preference or if I would be ok on the 171 cm, which they recommend for skiers weighing 110-150 lbs.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dan! The 171cm would be totally okay, especially if you prefer a shorter ski.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, I ski Objectives shorter than Voile's recommendation and don't regret it. Take their chart with a grain of salt!
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