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If you aren’t having a good time skiing the Voile Hyper Vector, stop and consider whether you really like skiing. It doesn’t get any more fun than this. With a shape and dimensions to handle any condition, turn-initiation bordering on telepathic, and a personality allowing for uninhibited speed, this ski can do it all.

Continuing the direction from the Vector to the Ultra Vector, the Hyper Vector combines the strengths of the skis before it: the ability to charge hard with excellent edge hold. What brings the Hyper Vector to the forefront of the line is Voile’s modern Paulownia and carbon core technology, reducing the weight of the substantially over prior versions. Getting this level of performance, versatility, and fun out of a ski is a rare experience and Voile seems to have nailed the recipe.

  • Voile Hybrid Rocker smooths all snow conditions and keeps the speed high.
  • Medium radius side-cut allows for variable turn shapes.
  • Full 2mm edges make no compromises in durability.
  • Polyamide topsheet withstands use and abuse for many seasons.

Update 2022/23: With this year's top sheet, we're confident you'll be confident braving some gnarly new peak or tearing down a technical glacier. I guess the expert construction of the ski under your feet may have something to do with it too... Wink!

Lengths (cm) 171, 177, 184
convert to ounces
1190g [171]
1310g [177]
1395g [184]
Weight (pair) 2380g [171]
2620g [177]
2790g [184]
Dimensions   127-94-111 [171]
130-96-114 [177]
133-98-116 [184]
Turn Radius   18.5m [171]
19.5m [177]
20m [184]
Skin Fix   Rounded tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Voile Hybrid Rocker, rocker tip & tail w/ camber underneath
Shape   Rounded tip, medium radius, easy to turn
Construction   Polyamide cap
Core   Paulownia wood and carbon-weave
Skimo Co Says
Usage All-day, all-around ski touring machine
Notes Carves hard on firm, floats well in the soft
Bottom Line Durability and light weight in a solid all-around package
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Matt
Does anyone know what the factory edge angle on these is?
Answer from Emmett I

These have a one degree base and side.
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Question from Nella
Hi all! Looking to lighten up my tele setup now that the new Scarpa boots are coming out this fall. I'm looking at those boots + 22 Designs Lynx bindings. I do hut trips and just ski powder, intermediate skier. I'm looking at the the HyperVector ski - what length do you recommend? I weigh 140 # and 5 ft 10". Thanks
Answer from Jeff
Nella, You could go either way, of course. The 171cm will work for you and save the most weight. At 140# and a nice evenly weighted Tele stance, that should give you plenty of float.
Note - Voile does not recommend or warranty mounting Tele bindings on their Hyper skis. They do not have the same mounting hold as their regular models.
Answer from Clare s
okay, maybe you can explain this Voile video recommending this combination?
Answer from Clare s
Oh sorry, this video is on the ULTRA vector, not the HYPER vector. I'll ask Voile directly, thank you.
Answer from Clare s
I see you are right on the Voile website: ATTENTION: Voile HyperVector Skis are intended to be used with AT bindings. Mounting Voile HyperVector Skis with telemark bindings or quiver killers will void the Voile factory warranty. View telemark-compatible skis
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Comment from Chris
I just don’t know about those top sheets?
Reply to this comment:

Question from Curt

I’m 6ft 3 and around 205-210lbs. Sometimes my pack is 10-15lbs depending on the how long I plan on being out for the day. Been skiing only a few years and do only BC in Rockies. What length would you recommend? Thanks
Answer from Andrew C
Curt, I think the 184cm length would make for a quite versatile backcountry ski for yourself.
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Question from Hillary Benjamin
I am a petite woman and was in the store over the weekend looking at the DPS Pagoda Tour 100 RP and Brett thought that the ski would be too tall for me given my height (147 cm) and skiing ability (intermediate resort / beginner powder). I was also looking at the Voile Hyper Manti based on a friend's recommendation but it only comes in a 158cm so never seriously considered it. After my visit, I saw that the Hyper Vector and Hyper Charger come in a shorter lengths (154cm) than the Hyper Manti so now am interested in those.

Do you think either of these two ski would be any more appropriate for someone of my size / skiing ability vs the Pagoda Tour?

And, could you explain the primary difference between the two?

I currently ski the Blizzard Sheeva 9 and live in Park City. I like these skis a lot but want something a little lighter and wider.
Answer from Emmett I

The Hyper Vector is about 90mm underfoot, similar to your Sheevas, while the Hyper Charger is around 100 underfoot. The Charger will be more stable at speed, while the Vector will be quicker edge-to-edge. I'd say the Voiles have a slight edge over the Pagoda in variable snow, while the Pagoda has the edge in powder. Even a 154cm is still very tall though, you'd ideally be on something in the low 140cm range. You may want to consider one of the Dynafit ski sets - the Seven Summits+ or the Youngstar set.
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Elliot D (used product regularly)
These are a great every-day touring ski! I'm 6ft 170lbs, categorize myself as an expert skier and find the 184cm size to work well for me. I upgraded to these skis from the 184cm Ultravectors and noticed very little difference in downhill performance aside from slightly more tip chatter in variable snow conditions. 5 stars.
Comment on this review:

Alec Spottiswood (used product a few times)
So far I am very pleased with the Hyper Vector. It’s light, nimble, and precise. A solid mid width ski, and a valuable tool.
I own it’s big brother the Hyper Charger as well.
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Question from Kole
I have a pair of Wonder Intentions with shifts but want something lighter for a more mountaineering focus. How would these compare to a ski like the Zero G and the Hannibal? Weight wise they seem to be comparable.
Answer from jbo
Hi Kole, those are all fairly different skis. I would say Hannibal is the best carver, Zero G the best in steeps, and the Voile is the best in variable snow.
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Question from Nick Benoit
Any thoughts about how these perform on steep icy terrain? Is there another ski in the voile lineup that would be better suited for that kind of a thing?
Answer from jbo
Hi Nick, I wouldn't call any Voile ski a specialist in steep, icy terrain. Feel free to send an e-mail to to find you a perfect match!
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Question from sabby
How do the Hyper Vectors ski compared to the Vector (2016-2017)? I'm 6' 175 lbs and I've been skiing 180cm Vectors as an all-around touring ski for almost 3 seasons now with Dynafit TLT Speed Radicals and Scarpa Maestrales (both original orange and now the RS). They've been fun in boot-top powder (and adequately light on the uphill), but in all other conditions they haven't performed as well as the rave reviews led me to believe. I feel like the tails wash out more than I want on firm snow, and there's a weird, dead feeling to the edges right in front of my toes. Almost like the shovel is too wide for the waist width and hard to get the edges to bite? or perhaps this is a lack of torsional rigidity or due to the rocker? I'm on the fence now about switching to something beefier with more camber like the Blizzard Zero g 95, but by the looks of it Voile may have tweaked the design enough that the Hyper Vectors offer a significant step up in performance from the Vector for aggressive skiing in mixed conditions -- is that fair to say? I live in Western Montana and on long ski tours we experience all types of snow conditions. Thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi sabby, there are a number of things that could be going on to get the sensations you describe, but to answer your question directly, no, this Hyper Vector does not offer a significant upgrade for aggressive skiing in mixed conditions over the OV. These have a new shape (same as Ultra Vector) which is turnier and obviously the lighter construction. They might be a touch stiffer torsionally due to the extra carbon, but they don't plow through things as well as the longer radius and heavier Vector. It sounds like you're on the right tracking looking at the Blizzards, which are better targeted towards hard snow. The Movement Session 98 probably fits your needs the best for hard and mixed conditions.
Answer from sabby
Thanks for the info and recommendation!
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Question from Nathan H
Hello there, I've been skiing Fischer TransAlp 90s with F1s for weeklong 40lb pack tours in the Alps and Cascades for the past few springs. I'm looking at the Hyper Vecor and the Mtn Explore 95 as an earlier season ski for similar tours that would provide a bit more overall stability while on the down. Will the Hyper Vectors provide that stability without the weight penalty or do I just need to pay the piper and get the heavier Mtn Explores? I'm 6' 170lb without the pack.Thanks for your insights!
Answer from TSB
Hey Nathan! Gosh, those sound like fun tours! I bet you're a corn-hunting pro at this point. No, I would not say the Hyper Vector is less stable than the MTN Explore 95. The MTN does have a stiffer tail with a bit less rocker, so it may hold up better if you prefer ripping in the backseat and don't want your tails to wash out. Given the variable conditions you may be encountering, however, I think the additional rocker and rounder flex of the Vector may be ideal, especially if you sized up to 177cm for float purposes.
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Question from Fred P
Similar to Fred above I'm curious about the Hyper V6 & Hyper Vector... thanks for answering that question.

How is the flex of the Hypervector compared to the original Blizzard ZeroG 95 (185cm)? I've been skiing the ZG 95 for several seasons now and would like something a bit easier & more calm for general Wasatch touring.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Fred P, the flex in both the Hyper Vectors and Hyper V6's are significantly softer than the Zero G's while the V6's will be even softer than the Vectors. The Hyper Vectors will definitely be an easier ski for general touring and will be a blast in the Wasatch.
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Question from Fred
Any thoughts on Hyper Vector vs Hyper V6?? Similar dimensions but the Vector is a little stiffer, right? Does the Hyper Vector feel hooky or can it go fast without feeling like it’s sending you back uphill?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Fred! The main differences between the ski is the side cut and flex pattern. The Vector has a larger turning radius and a stiffer tail. The V6 was developed to have a ski with similar dimensions as the Vector but re-designed to be more playful in soft snow. You should feel comfortable skiing the Vector fast without feeling hooky. While the V6 is a little easier to slide the tail compared the Vector.
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Question from Scythian
Is there any potential reason in the world, aside the price, for choosing Ultravector over Hypervector? Specifically, are there any stability issues due to the reduced weight on the descent? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Hey Scythian! The difference in construction is only one layer of Carbon weave and an Aspen core. So the ski is more damp, which would be nice when skiing firmer or cut up snow. If you are just skiing tracked pow and want the lightest ski, the Hyper Vector will not disappoint.
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Question from Dan
I am 5'11" and weigh 175 lbs. Voile's website gives a recommended skier weight for each length, and I fall in the 177 cm category. However, I prefer shorter skis and wonder if this recommendation should be considered over personal preference or if I would be ok on the 171 cm, which they recommend for skiers weighing 110-150 lbs.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Dan! The 171cm would be totally okay, especially if you prefer a shorter ski.
Answer from jbo
Hi Dan, I ski Objectives shorter than Voile's recommendation and don't regret it. Take their chart with a grain of salt!
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