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Dynafit Borax Overmitt


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Wearing lightweight race gloves in the backcountry has spoiled us since the dexterity is unmatched. However, rare is the mid-winter day warm enough to wear a thin glove exclusively. The Dynafit Borax Mitten allows you to enjoy your dexterous gloves while keeping your hands warm. Slip these over your tiny gloves (on your tiny hands?) and let the Primaloft insulation do the talking (insulating). An overlapped split in the palm seals out drafts and still allows for easy access to rip skins, flip risers, or tear open a package of rocket fuel. The lining is Pertex Quantum, a wind-proof, water-repellent, rip-stop wonder fabric that will keep your hand-pillows coming back for more. Thanks to the Borax Mitten, warm hands on a frigid bluebird powder day are common-place.

  • Pertex Quantum shell is waterproof, windproof, and rip-stop.
  • Leather thumbs and Grip Zone on the palm help with pole-grip.
  • Primaloft Lining is synthetic and still effective when wet.
convert to ounces
41g [M]
Weight (pair) 82g [M]
Cuffs Nylon stretch
Screen Touch No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials Pertex Quantum, leather, Primaloft
Skimo Co Says
Usage Additive warmth
Notes Finger hole in palm
Bottom Line The overarching overmitt
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Andrew
How do these compare in warmth/bulk/etc to these Crazy Idea over-mittens? (https://skimo.co/crazy-idea-over-glove)

Also if I was a Large in those Crazy Idea over-mittens, what size would you recommend in the Borax? Thanks
Answer from TSB
Hey Andrew, the Borax will be a little warmer and a tad bit bulkier, though not by much. We've also had good luck with the Ski Trab overgloves. You would probably want stay with a Large in either offering.
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Question from josh
Couple questions:

How do these fit with the CAMP G Comp Warm Gloves? Specifically, the fact that the CAMP gloves have the insulating or windproof layer stored behind the wrist, does it get too tight in that area?

Also, is this glove warmer or more insulating than the G Comp Warm?

And last, should we size up to make room for the inner glove?

Answer from Jeff
Josh, I tested out the combo. The cuff of the Borax Overmitt does not extend enough to go over the cuff area of the G comp glove. So it does not interfere there. The Overmitt has all its insulation on the back of the hand so it is warmer there. There are designed to extend the warmth of whatever glove you are you are wearing. Generally you do not need to oversize.
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Question from Ben Sondeen
would these fit over la sportiva skimo gloves? Ive been wearing kinco the last few years and im ready to invest in a better solution, my hands tend to run cold. l love the dexterity of kincos but my hands have been uncomfortably cold too often. thanks!
Answer from Jeff
Ben, I tried the combo for you. The Skimo gloves are insulated and fairly big so do not work well with these Overmitts. These are more designed to go over a light racing glove. The better mitt to fit over bigger gloves would be the Ski Trab Overglove
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Marek Z (used product regularly)
These mittens are in my backpack pretty much through the whole winter season, they weigh close to nothing and make really good backup in case of unexpected cold.
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Model: Borax Overmitt

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