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6' 0"


180 lbs

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Type III - Aggressive

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168 cm, with Plum Race 170 bindings, Fischer Travers boots. The only experience I've had with this type of ski is the PDG. I like this ski better and the PDG is amazing. I don't race. No Kilian-Jornet downclimbs on skis. Otherwise, to the extent that I can say, the product description is accurate. Very fun. What's the opposite of Quiver Killer? Quiver Filler? "Save the Quiver" Editorial comment: I like a simple topsheet. I don't want to look at a realistic photo of a Norwegian explorer all day. Movement ...
The sizing chart for "L" has the inseam at 34". No way. I'd put the inseam closer to 30". But that's a good thing (for me). I like the sticky-rubbery waist band. Not bulky. Otherwise I say the description is accurate. "And though I'm nobody's poet, I thought it wasn't half bad."
With some patient guidance from the folks at Skimo, I bought these boots because I needed something ISO/GripWalk compatible. I wish I had saved all that advice to share for this review. All my other boots are 26.5. I bought these at 27 (also as advised by Skimo). I find the Skimo product description accurate (I did not confirm the 'relationship' with Bode). Anyway, this is a burly boot for me. Trust me, I have not, and will not, intentionally throw "a double that didn't quite make it around on the second r...
Some mountains belong to someone: [note to jbo: you do not need to approve this post if you don't want your very nice website to become a dumping ground. I trust you will delete it if you don't like it. This is a case for guides and education, but I cynically believe it won't cure stupidity and disrespect.]

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