Height:6' 0"
Weight:180 lbs
Shoe Size:N/A
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:N/A

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The Alp 100s have neither a rounded tail nor a flat tail. It's round-ish. (The 94's have a square tail, so the tail attacment works better.) So, for the 100's I have replaced the the entire Colltex tail with the Voile tail attachment. I recommend the wide tail clip even though Voile recommends narrow for the 100. This is not the whole story. There is a third (nuclear) option I can explain if you have an hour. Look at the photo (yes, I actually drilled a hole in my skis).
I have pulled out of the spiral: 1. BD skin tape. 2. A rivet (or nut and bolt) clean through the buckle. Good enough.
Greetings, What is the sole length of the 26.5? -j
If you want to talk about how to pull these skins apart, you can find me in the gym working on my guns at the ATC. They (the skins, not the guns) are fast and light and compact. I have these on Movement Alp 100s, which I love without exception. I want to love the skins as much as the skis, but I am with Stephen P. If I were to be scientific about it, I would say there's just too much surface area for too much stick'em for a fat ski. Maybe they're great on skinny race skis. Since these skins are thin (and wi...

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