nicholas j

nicholas j
Height:6' 3"
Weight:200 lbs
Shoe Size:US 13.00
Skier Type:Type II - Moderate
Ski Frequency:N/A

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Can the midfoot be punched out? I have a pretty prominent navicular bone. Also, any input on how these ski versus the spitfire 2.1 and/or F1? Current skis are 174cm cho oyus, would like to add a light ~180cm 105-112cm waist ski in the near future
Will a pegasus instep buckle work on size 30 tlt5s?
Would a stiff tongue from a 29/29.5 tlt6 work on my size 30 tlt5s?
How would these boots do with a wailer 112 with the tour 1 layup?
I've only used this ski two days so far. I have the 174 length, and am 6'3", 195lbs in the buff. I'm skiing these planks with tlt5 mtn boots, and Dynafit Speed Turn bindings. First time skiing them was on refrozen slush/ice. Amazing on the up; I've never been on anything this light before. Just as awesome on the down. Nice and damp through the chunder especially given the light weight. Incredible edge hold. Yes, they are loud. But they ski just fine. Just turn up the tunes! Next day was in the ski area dur...

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