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La Sportiva Boot Parts

Brand: La Sportiva
Model: Various
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* La Sportiva Boot Part:
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This is the place to find replacement boots parts for La Sportiva ski boots. You can also use some of these parts on other boots if you’re in a mod’ing mood.

Pegasus Buckles– Replacement buckles for the Spectre and Sparkle boots. Simple lightweight buckles that can be adapted to other boots as well. Catches sold separately.

Pegasus Buckle Catches– The catches for the Pegasus buckles described above.

1.0 Instep Buckles – Lower buckles for the 1.0 version two-buckle boots: Sideral, Starlet, Spitfire. Come with rivets that must be pressed on.

1.0 Instep Wires – Replacement wires for the lower buckles on the two-buckle 1.0 boots (Sideral, Starlet, Spitfire).

1.0 Cuff Velcro – The Velcro straps with a metal bail that form the upper cuff of the 1.0 Sportiva boots. Also works for the Sideral & Starlet 2.0.

Syborg Instep Buckle Strap x1 - The plastic toothed buckle strap for the Syborg boot. Sold individually.

Spectre Ski/Walk Mechanism- Complete replacement of the ski walk mechanism including lever, catch and latch. Sold individually, left or right.

Spectre Cant Kit- Replacement for the adjustable cant rivet on the Spectre cuff.Sold indivudually.

Velcro Power Strap- Replacement power straps for Syborg, Spitfire, Sideral, Starlet Sold as set.

Question from Anthony G
I need a replacement tongues for a size 29 spectra 1.0. The plastic on mine broke near the flex zone. Do you know if this part is available? If the 2.0 tongues fit that would be fine also.
Answer from Rebekah S
Hi Anthony,

We don't have any in stock, but it's something we could potentially order for you if you'd like!
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Question from David G

I see similar questions asked above, but I'll ask again and hope for the answer I want. I have a pair of TLT5 boots with the junk in-step buckle it came with. I see your webpage linked to the same wildsnow.com page I found about modifying boots with different buckles. I realize the boot was not designed to use the pegasus buckle, but if I were to buy one and rig it on there myself, what length would work the best? The toe buckle, or the cuff buckle?


"relax, alright? My old man is a television repair man. He has this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it..."
~Jeff Specolli
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey David, thanks for reaching out. Tough to say exactly as it'll depend a bit on the size of boot you are wearing. Take a flexible tape measure, accessory cord, shoe lace, yarn, something along those lines, and measure from rivet hole to rivet hole on either side of the shell. Relay that info back to me and we'll get you the proper buckle size.
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Question from Pavel Sova
Spectre canting kit - is it the same as cant assembly kit (screw plus bushings that go on the outside of the hinge)?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Pavel! Yup, you got it! They are sold individually, but it looks like you just got an order put together anyways! It's headed your way!
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Question from lisa

I am looking for a replacement buckle for for my La Sportiva Sparkle Boots. The wire is fraying badly. It is the second buckle up from the bottom (I guess this would be the instep buckle?). Is the Pegasus Instep Buckle the correct piece?

Also, do you sell the white plastic buckles for the tail of the Pomoca Climb Pro S Skins?

Many thanks,

Answer from jbo
Hi List, yes that is the instep buckle and it is Pegasus-flavored. The tail clips aren't sold individually but we have full tail kits here. Choose Back Fix Tail Clip.
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Question from Patrick
Which Pegasus buckle is used on the sideral 2.0?
Answer from jbo
Hi Patrick, it's the Instep buckle.
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Question from Eduardo
Could you tell me if you have this item for my boots, what its name is and how much would it cost, please?
Answer from jbo
Hi Eduardo, looks like a Pegasus Instep Buckle.
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Comment from kevin

Is there a replacement for the yellow plastic piece that is attached to the spring that locks the heel down (takes it out of the walk mode)? That broke on me along with a few buckles , Cant bolt and a wire.
Any help would be great !
Reply from jbo
Hi Kevin, we're going to need to know what boot you're talking about.
Reply from kevin f
Its the black and yellow spectre boot.
Reply from jbo
Hi Kevin, we are trying to track down some parts for you, no luck yet.
Reply from Nate
Hi Kevin,

We just received some of these into our inventory. They are listed in this section as the Spectre Ski/Walk Mechanism and are sold by left or right side.
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Question from Rebecca
Are the buckle catches for the sparkle/spectre boots still available? I did not see them in the listing and am on the hunt for one.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Rebecca, we just barely got some in! Check back in a few hours, we should have them listed soon!
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Question from KEITH DE WIT

Considering a mod for the instep buckle of my Dynafit Mercury. Looks like the toe buckle for the Pegasus may be the right length. Do you have any kind of specific measurement, like the mounting bolt to far catch hole?
I would need two pairs including the catches. What would that cost? (Don't see the catches above).


Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Keith. I think you may be on to something! The measurement from the center of the mounting hole to the center of the far catch is 113mm. This was measured with the buckle in the closed position and at the maximum length adjustment range of the barrel adjuster. If the length is too great you can tighten the barrel adjuster and get it down to about 100mm from center to center.
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Question from nicholas j
Will a pegasus instep buckle work on size 30 tlt5s?
Answer from jbo
Hi Nicholas, unfortunately it's not designed for that purpose.
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