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Hello Skimo! I’m realising lately that my Blizzard Zero G95 skis might be too much for me. I’m not an advanced skier. I love long cascade volcanoes trips, long but not too hard Sierra descents. Big mountains, long routes, but not super hard and steep. But, I’m based on the East Coast so need to handle narrow and twisting trails. I have 3 questions about Blacklight 88: 1. Are these more forgiving and easier to turn compared to Zero G95? 2. Is women’s version in 172 the same as men’s? The specs state 5g we...
What's the mounting holes pattern for Superlite 2.0 / 150 / 175 heel plates?
I've had this boot in size 29 for several seasons and by now developed a deep and perhaps slightly unhealthy attraction to this item. Just yesterday, for fitness training, I booted over 6K vertical feet and it was way better than hiking in my regular hiking boots! Question: what should I use for a replacement liner? I love the original Scarpa liner but it can't last forever and the Scarpa replacement liner is unavailable. What's the closest? Thanks.
It looks like this pack does not have an option to A-carry the skis? There is no side straps, correct?
Just wanted to add a few observations regarding the fit of these boots. Enough was said about ski performance and I'm not a ski expert to add much on this subject. It was an emotion-driven purchase. My beloved LS Syborgs all of a sudden turned into torture device when some kind of bony protrusion grew on my foot and it gotten really painful after only a few hours of touring, especially when in a ski mode. I went to the ski shop to try to do something about, saw Alien RS, put them on and pulled out my cc! ...

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