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We know you want to look good and be an efficient skier when you're touring the backcountry. Now you can don a sleek backpack for those dawn patrols because Dynafit has made a lightweight, anatomically shaped, fully featured, water-repellent backpack that is also quite svelte. The Expedition 30 Backpack is designed for all-day touring and comfort, for you and your gear. The top of this pack is rolled and waterproofed, ensuring that even if you take a tumble, or get caught in a storm, your valuables will stay safe and dry. This pack is dressed to the nines and will house all your necessary touring accessories both inside and out. This 30 litre pack includes an internal waterproof pocket, an aluminum ski hook, and comes with a crampon safety box. With attachments for a helmet, rope, and some extra daisy chains for whatever suits your fancy, this pack was constructed to offer you the necessities and durability of a pack that you can take out for pleasant or stormy trips. Additionally, the Expedition 30 Backpack has anatomically cut straps that fit close to your body and reduce unnecessary pull on your shoulders and back, a problem that tends to plague the esteemed backpack world. The Expedition 30 Backpack is a great choice for anyone looking for a lightweight pack with great volume for backcountry touring, especially on those days when the snow is falling fast and deep.

  • Built-in crampon safety box keeps your accessories organized and safe.
  • Anatomically cut and fit straps help prevent unwanted strain and pull on your shoulders and spine.
  • Attachments for a helmet, axes, and rope allows for easy access to your accessories.
  • Aluminum ski hook for quick transitions.
  • External daisy chain gives quick access to whatever you deem worthy to bring along.
  • Water repellent and tear-resistant nylon material holds up in snowy, pack scraping conditions.
  • Roll top creates a better seal to protect items stored inside.
  • Ideal 30 litre volume and lightweight construction make for a perfect, all-day touring pack.
convert to ounces
Volume 30L
Access Roll top access, safety box compartment with access from side
Hydration No
Ski Carry Aluminum ski hook
Shovel / Probe Inside
Ice Axe Yes
Stash Pockets No
Security Pocket Waterproof pocket inside pack
Team Tether No
Whistle No
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Mountaineering and long winter tours
Notes Outside rope carry
Bottom Line Serious mountaineering pack that will keep your gear dry
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ben
Is there a way to carry skis and an ice axe at the same time with this pack?
Answer from Zak M
Hi Ben, you can indeed use the speed hook ski carry and ice axe carry simultaneously.
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dang3rtown (hasn't used product)
Disclaimer: I have not used this pack in the field yet. This review is based on a few hours of playing around with it and my observations so far.

This pack is SO close to being perfect but it has a few issues.

In the tradition of Festivus, I will begin with the airing of grievances.

To start, there is an external stuff pocket that is just a hair too narrow to properly hold avy gear. I tried both a BCA and a black diamond shovel and both "mostly" fit but had about an inch of the shovel head exposed. The pocket tapers for no reason. If they just didn't taper it, everything would fit fine. To pile on with this, the pocket is secured by the buckle so the head of a shovel will (sorta) fit and won't fall out but if you slid a probe or the handle of the shovel in, they would fall out if the pack were turned upside down. Just adding a small flap you could tuck under the buckle would solve this.

Next "avy gear" issue is the internal storage for handle shovel/probe. Inside the main compartment are two, velcro fastners, one top and one near the bottom. They are wide enough to hold the probe and handle together but why? Why not just have either two sets of these, one for each or better yet, a couple of sleeves. Adding a couple 7D ripstop sleeves would add virtually zero weight and be much more practical.

Continuing with the "weird storage" trend is the "Ice axe speed attachment" which without any explanation from Dynafit seems to be different from any other pack they make. FWIW, I may not be doing this correctly? Anyway, instead of having a small loop like their other packs, there is a bit of webbing that pops out near the base of the stuff pocket with another, perpendicular loop in the middle. The first bit of webbing has a length adjustment hidden inside the crampon compartment. In theory, I guess you could hold two ice axes with this and then attach both handles to the webbing and buckle loop on the left shoulder? Well, it's awkward to adjust, the adjustment loop gets tangled with crampons and when I tried putting two axes in it fit poorly.

Next, the helmet attachment system? Does this exist? It's not listed as a feature on Dynafit's site for this product but it is here. The only thing I can find that might be considered a helmet attachment is a bit of shock cord sewn inside the top right edge of the stuff pocket. It seems more likely this is to hold avy gear or something? I honestly have no clue what it's there for.

Ok, got all that out of the way, now let's focus on the good stuff!

First, this pack is really light. The straps all have a nice, high density foam filling and the buckles are easy to use. The roll top design is great and between the large top and side zip, it's easy to access anything you like. For an UL bag, it's also has very good structure. The foam padding along with stiff insert in the back panel allow this to function as a framed pack without the weight associated with internal frame packs. You could carry about 30lbs in this with it killing your shoulders.

Inside you have the aforementioned velcro loops for long, stiff things as well as another velcro loop for securing a hydration bladder and a port right between the straps for the hose. There is also the classic Dynafit dry storage bag with international safety info printed on it. Inside, that's it.

More strap stuff; right shoulder has the aluminum ski hook which is super easy to use and has a lot of tension in the shock cord strap. I could put my skis in and hook up the loop without taking the pack off without much effort and skis feel very secure. Really nice design. In the left strap, it fits the CAMP Action Bottle Holder (sold by Skimo) perfectly. There is a horzontal webbing attachment the vertical loop on the bottle holder fits perfectly with and the colors even match. If some sees it, they would assume it's a factory integrated accessory.

Crampon pocket is spacious. I easily fit them in and the entry port is wide enough that no origami was required. The velcro panel feels secure when closed although snow and velcro don't always play nice so we'll see how that goes.

Finally, there are daisy chains on either side of the stuff pocket. These seem pretty handy although they are very lightweight and I would be wary of putting much load on them. I will probably put a couple two sided velcro loops on to use as a better ice axe attachment system and they could be used to attach a helmet as well. They're daisy chains, use your imagination!

In all, this pack is REALLY close to being exactly what I wanted and I will be breaking out my sewing machine and modifying it to get a little closer. As is, this pack is really nice for when I want more volume for camera gear and the like in a lightweight pack.

I will follow this up as I get more experience with the pack and post photos of any modifications I make.
Reply from Gustav O
Plz tell us about your updates =)
Reply from Gustav O
updates? Could you say anything now over a year later?
Comment on this review:

Question from dang3rtown
Can this pack carry a water bottle on the shoulder strap?
Answer from Will M
Hey Jesse,

Great question! There are a few areas on the straps that you could attach a water bottle holder to! Ideally on the left strap so that it'll be out of the way of the ski carry.
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Anthony O (used product a few times)
Pending durability which based off of the material choices I am not so concerned about I think this is an excellent dialed pack. It has the best of both worlds as far as extendability and weather protection as offered by roll top design but with access to the main pouch through a side zipper. The outer pocket is just large enough to fit a mammut alugator light (real shovel) and a probe, keeping it on the outside. It is tight, but it works and keeps the avy gear readily accessible. I also have stashed jackets underneath the shovel blade on the outside while delayering which is nice. The inside main pouch is volumnous, easily swallowing a fast and light overnight load or a gear intensive day trip. The race carry hook is perhaps the most dialed that I've played with and feels bomber. I really love the foam on the shoulder and waist straps which is minimalistic but very anatomical and comfortable. The coating is essentially waterproof for most purposes and has kept my kit dry in 38 degree saturated snow and mixed rain.

Some additions I would add for my personal tastes, a small pocket on the shoulder for either a softflask or a phone. And a larger exterior pouch for a better fit with shovels. I also would prefer the crampon access pouch to be zippered which I prefer over velcro which is fine for racing but lacks the security of a zipper in the long term imo. Perhaps add a simple modular helmet carry elastic mesh webbing piece to use with the front lashing points because let's face it, this is an expensive pack. Sure I can use one of the aftermarket ones I already have but at this price point they could throw in one of those. I also would prefer the side zip to extend longer. It's just big enough to be easily usable, but it would be even more usable if slightly longer.
Reply from Gustav O
long term now, any new thoughts?
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Question from Anthony O
Thoughts of water repellency on this vs the blacklight 30? And is the only difference the fabric?
Answer from eric
Anthony-The fabric definitely has a coating on this pack. Yes, the only difference between the Blacklight pro and the Expedition is the fabric.
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Question from Boris D
It looks like this pack does not have an option to A-carry the skis? There is no side straps, correct?
Answer from Will M
Hey Boris,

You're correct, in true skimo speed style Dynafit has ditched the A-frame carry!
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Question from Scott
Any update on the pack weights and ski loop size now that you guys have these in stock? They look like they might be the perfect long day backpack..
Answer from Zak M
Hey Scott, we just verified the specs for the pack and the ski carry loop fits a 120mm tail no problem. Overall a really sweet lightweight, fully-featured pack.
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Question from Michi
Does this pack has an avalanche stuff pocket? (for probe, shovel, etc.)
Answer from Cole P
Michi, Dynafit did not specify if it has a dedicated avy gear compartment, but Dynafit packs usually has great internal pockets to help with avalanche shovel and probe organization making them secure and accessible. The pockets are often close to your back and will secure both probe and shovel handle while the blade will slide neatly at the bottom of the pack.
Answer from Eddie S
I took my girlfriend's (dyneema version) out while teaching an avalanche course this weekend. Assuming this is the same design as the dyneema version (BL Pro), there are couple of velcro straps along the internal side to secure shovel handle and probe. No dedicated avy tool pocket, but there is an external flap pocket that *almost fits a full size shovel (but its not as secure as I would want my rescue tools. Better for shoving in a layer IMO). Perfectly fine for a regular day of touring, easy to remove gear in a hurry. It is a slight pain to put that gear back in with the pack full, which is only really a problem when it's coming in and out throughout the day (ie, teaching an AIARE course). All things considered, the pack feels like the perfect size for any type of single day tour, whether fast & light, slow & light, or slow & heavy ;) My gf told me I can't cramp her style and get the same one, but the Dyneema version is one of the best ski packs I have ever had my hands on.
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