Height:5' 7"
Weight:135 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.00
Skier Type:Type III - Aggressive
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
My Skiing

I live and ski mostly in Vermont but travel around New England frequently to mix up terrain. I frequently dawn patrol during the week and do bigger days on weekends with more vert and a few lift-serve days a year (especially when BC conditions are poor).

My Gear

Medium-heavier alpine touring gear. Line Sick Day Tourist 179/ Voile V6 BC 173, Radical 2.0 ST 105, Salomon MTN Explore boots 26.5/ Lange Freetour 130 26.5.

Recent Posts

These are my first pair of “lean” bindings after making the jump from Radical 2s. My first day out on them I took them for lift laps at a resort to really give them a test skiing. After a half day of skiing them harder than I had planned on groomers (unlocked) I have gained all of the confidence I needed for anything I’m willing to throw at them in the backcountry. I’ve skinned about 8k of vert on them so far and love the lower weight compared to my other setups. I still need to practice using a pole to swi...
So far I’m very pleased with these skis. I’m 5’7 135 lbs and went with the 171s. I purchased them as a resort uphilling/ citizen Skimo ski. As my lightest ski in my quiver I love them for this purpose. My first day I took them to a resort for lift laps (more so to gain a little confidence in the bindings I had on them) and they absolutely rip. Very nimble and quick edge to edge but capable of plenty of speed. I’ve skinned on them about 5 times now and love the weight. I have fatter skis for powder so I can’...
Hello, I’m interested in the Blizzard Zero G 85 W 171 setup but I’m curious about how the bindings are drilled. I have a 301 BSL and figured with the 30 mm adjustment in the Raiders I’d be able to fit my boot, but would it be close to the recommended line?
After about 30 days with these I’m a fan. I run warm and have only had to use the overmitt on 2 or 3 occasions, usually the glove is enough for me down to around 5-10° F. Below that if I’m touring I use Black Diamond Arc gloves that have a little insulation. My favorite feature is the leash around the wrist. It’s very nice to have them hanging on the skin up and have them right at hand to glove up again before the transition when your hands may come in contact with snow/metal and get cold. Since the overmit...
I was in between the medium and large sizes and went with the medium. I like the fit, but being on the smaller end of the size range (and having a bit of an egghead) the cold-weather liner doesn’t cover my ears all the way. This is fine with me, I don’t use the ear flaps in my heavier helmet. The weight and ventilation are great for touring and skimo racing.

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