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Now you can get your I-on without brakes. After a successful, virtually problem-free, introduction of the ION in 2014/15, G3 is now offering a cornucopia of I-options. The LT 12 version is basically the same impressive platform as the original, just without brakes. Wide toe jaws with snow-clearance channels, bi-directional heel rotation, and release values that range up to 12 still apply to this version. As does the much-acclaimed ease-of-entry, due to the simple boot-stop guide. Basically you get all the I-awesomeness but with free leashes instead of brakes, saving you weight and cash.

  • Fully featured with two risers, a flat mode, and a toe lever that can be locked or unlocked.
  • Heel pieces are spring loaded, helping to keep a consistent release throughout ski flex.
  • Toe wings are raised up to create deep snow-clearing channels that prevent icing.
  • Simple Boot Stops shorten the step-in learning curve for previously fiddly tech-bindings.
  • QuickFlick risers (x2) can be flipped in either direction, regardless of how you turn the heel.
  • Wide-angled toe wings can hold your boot with more force, avoiding some pre-release.
  • Mounting pattern is 30% wider than competitor models, for better hold and power transfer.
  • Heel can be adjusted within a BSL range of 22mm so you can use multiple boots.
  • The raised toe wings and a streamlined heel keep you flatter on the ski vs comparables.
  • All adjustment mechanisms and mounting screws are Pozidriv #3 to keep things simple.
  • Optional crampon system slides under the toe piece and is easy to affix and operate.
  • Leash connectors can be mounted under either side so you can point them both outward.
  • Manual comes with pro-tips such as how to enter ski mode levering your pole off your boot.
  • Leashes included (+17g).
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Weight (pair) 922g
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   None
BSL Adjustment   22mm
Riser Heights   2 + flat
Vertical Release   7-12
Lateral Release   7-12
Crampon Ready   Yes, Removable
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Hot forged aluminum, high strength plastic
Skimo Co Says
Usage Aggressive touring
Notes Leashes mount on either side
Bottom Line Bomber brakeless backcountry binding (4B)
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Mike Davis
Are brakes available for these bindings?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Mike. The brakes are integrated with the baseplate, so you'll need to replace the baseplate to add brakes. At the moment, we are out of the brakes.
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Ben (used product a few times)
I've used my pair about 5 days so far, so no long-term experience yet, but my impressions so far are very positive. I have 100+ days on Radical 2s and 30+ days on Speed Turns for comparison. The Ions are easier to step into than the Dynafits and feel like the toe clamps harder (not suggesting that this equates to retention, but it takes me fewer attempts to step in). I also really appreciate the amount of metal in the binding, it feels like a bit more than the Radical 2s. Zero issues with performance so far, but I've only skied them in deep powder so anything probably would have felt amazing. The large channels in the toe make it much easier to clear out packed in snow compared to the Dynafits.
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Alex (downright abused product)
Great binding and a great price. I put a couple hundred days on these before switching to the zed. The originals had a sticker for the din scale that came off which ended up being replaced in later iterations I believe. They also broke in quite a bit in the heel, especially after a lot of transitions hitting them with a butt of a ski pole but never had any issues. Also G3's ski crampon attachments and crampons themselves are awesome and work great with this binding.
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Alex (downright abused product)
These rule. If you're looking at bindings outside of the ~300g category, look no further.

I've used them for 5 years across 3 pairs of skis with minimal issues and maximum customer support from G3 / G3 dealers. They keep my toes locked tight, release when they're supposed to, are confidence inspiring and incredibly easy to use, have the best ski crampons ever, and have served double duty as an inbounds binding for two seasons. The only issue I've had is that the rubber which holds the heel pin in place has broken, but this is easy to fix/replace - see pic for disassembled heel turret. Highly recommended.

Boots used with the Ion LT12: Dynafit Vulcan
Skis used with the Ion LT12:
- Moment Underworlds
- Blizzard Zero G 95s (would recommend a lighter binding)
- G3 Synapse 109
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Question from JPM
I just purchased a pair of Ion 12 lt from the website. Are these the 17/18 with the updated heel rotation lock?
Answer from Nate
Hi JP, I believe all of our inventory was swapped out at the beginning of the season for the 17/18 product.
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Question from Tony Addino
Just confirming whether or not you are shipping the 2017/18 version of the g3 Ion LT 12.


Answer from jbo
Hi Tony, we sure are! All models are the latest and greatest.
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Question from Anthony
Total shot in the dark and almost positive the answer would be no, but figured I'd ask anyway, are the holes spaced the same as a dynafit radical st 2.0? Or if I was to switch bindings would I need to drill more. Thanks
Answer from Nate
Hi Anthony,

It was worth a shot, but you're correct that it won't work. You'll be drilling new holes if you switch bindings from the Radical 2.0 to the Ion.
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Question from GP_Alpine
Hi guys,

From your pin height table, it looks like the boots on these sit 1-1.5cm higher than a lot of other bindings - both toe and heel, I am not referring to the delta here. Theory says that this should make it easier to edge the ski, but that it might also be less stable (think of riding on stilts as the extreme). Is this difference small enough not to be noticeable in real life?

Answer from jbo
Hi GP_Alpine, folks tend to use this binding on bigger skis where the lifting effect isn't really noticeable. Maybe on race skis it would feel tippy!
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Matt (downright abused product)
If weight is not your primary concern but is still relevant, these are the bindings to run. Essentially an extra refined, slightly beefed up Dynafit Speed Radical, they tour well and ski amazingly for what they are. The zero gap heel gives a solid, precise feel and the toe seems beefy. I have gotten to the top of several skintracks only to realise I forgot to lock the toe, a testament to the strength of the toe springs and a potential safety feature in avalanche terrain.

Some more of those refinements include a beefy heel riser, space for a pole tip under the toe wings and sweet wedge-shaped block under the heel in flat mode, which facilitates snow clearing beautifully.

This is my burly everyday binding for everything from slackcountry laps, to fast turns on alpine faces, to ill-advised pillow lines and shady doubles on Rogers Pass ski outs. I do reach for something lighter on the biggest days, but that's not a knock on the Ion in my book. It's designed to feel solid and ski well at a reasonable weight, and it delivers.
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