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Height:5' 11"
Weight:160 lbs
Shoe Size:US 11.50
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
My Skiing

Telemarker for lyfe, trying to hang with the SkiMo bros on the uphill

My Gear

Scarpa F1/F3/Tx 28.0

Various Dynafit toes with cobbled-together cables

Atomic UL65, Hagan Ultra, BD Carbon Aspect, G3 Ticket, G3 Manhattan

Recent Posts

Does the Gara Titan toe use the same 30x27mm mounting pattern as the other Trab bindings?? Thanks!
While I've found this ski can hold it's own in most conditions, where it really crushes other lightweight, low-fat skis is on firm snow. From corduroy to refrozen mank, these feel so much more damp (ie less chattery) than other lightweight skis I've used. If you're an in-bounds skinner who wants to really rip the downhill but not be penalized too greatly on the uphill, these are the ticket.
The Radical ST/FT toe pretty much is (or at least should be) the standard for low tech toe pieces. It's only 63g heavier than the Superlite, but it clicks in more crisply, and feels stiffer when making turns. These strike the right balance of weight/durability/performance.
Given that we use lightweight gear in remote places, these are a no-brainer. Less likely to pull out than traditional screws, and easier to swap out a binding piece that is damaged. Buy a few extra to practice on with a 2x4. Definitely soak them in degreaser (then dry) before installing. And use epoxy rather than wood glue.
If you're as much about the "earning" as you are the "turning," this ski should be your daily driver. I've used it in 2 feet of Cascade cement, refrozen crud, slush bumps, and plush corduroy. Every time, I feel like I made pretty good turns. For a ski that, in 174cm, only weighs 300g more than 160cm race skis, that's really impressive. Ascending 3000' an hour isn't hard on these skis. Basically, they add to your enjoyment on the way up, and barely detract from it on the way down. Might get you an extra lap,...

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