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Behold, the Plum Race Suit. Wickedly ventilated and built for speed.

High output activities in warm conditions are where this suit will shine, as sweat wicking and ventilation seem to be prioritized over insulation. Unrestricted freedom of movement, more pockets than we've ever seen in a race suit (so far), and a skin tight fit that keeps your aerodynamic drag coefficient as low as your speed tuck. Two zipper pull tabs, one at your neck and one at your belly, so you can access anything inside your suit without unzipping all the way. Flexible fabric scuff guards indicate dexterity and walking efficiency were the top priorities. Heel lever slots fit a wide range of boots with cutouts to accomodate any walk lever. Reinforced shoulder panels help maintain durability.

This suit is built for efficient speed through the mountains.

convert to ounces
382g (M)
Ventilation Back panel, side torso, under arms
Hood No
Pockets 2 large external skin, 2 external zippered chest, 2 large internal belly, 1 internal zippered beacon
Cuffs Fabric scuff guard
Specs Verified Yes
Fit 2nd Skin
Materials   80% Polyester/20% Elastane
Insulation No
Seams Flatlocked
Skimo Co Says
Usage Snazzy Speed
Notes If you have long legs for your height, this might not be the ideal suit for you
Bottom Line More pockets and better ventilation than almost any other skinsuit we've tried, not for cold days
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Questions & Reviews

Question from bobbytooslow
I'm sorry, how is a race suit by Plum not called The Smuggler?
Answer from Brett S
That is a great question. In fact, we believe Socrates went to his grave contemplating this exact question. Please let us know if you have any insight!
Answer from jbo
I had to visit the urban dictionary to get this one. It was worth it.
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Question from Jourdan H
Hey, I'm 5'10" 154lb, would a medium be a good fit?

How insulating is this? Looking at the Trab suit you have it seems that one is more for colder weather but this would work in warmer weather? I generally run hot and I'll most likely be using this around 32F (PNW)
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for reaching out, Jourdan. The plum size chart for this suit can be viewed here. As with most race suits, this is a tight-fitting garment that doesn't have a tremendous amount of insulation and emphasizes breathability. If you run warm, it should work well!
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Question from Kevin
I am 6'1", 165lbs. 40in chest, 31in waist, 33-34in inseam.

Would I be a L or XL?

Thank you
Answer from jbo
Hi Kevin, you will have a nice snug fit in the Large.
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Jason M (hasn't used product)
Haven't used (yet), but really like this suit! Not as "thin" as advertised -- just layer up underneath and I wouldn't be afraid to wear this down to 0 degrees. Also: I am 5'11, 155 lbs. and the large fits perfect!
Comment on this review:

Question from Brandon
5'10" 170 lbs, size medium or large?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Brandon! Large and in charge! I like my spandex to fit really tight, but medium might not even let you stand up all the way.
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Question from Patricia F
I'm a 5'6"ish woman, 115 lbs and wondering if the men's small would work for me?

(i'd buy the ladies but you only have it in a large :) )
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Patricia! I am 5' 9" and 120lbs and yes, the men's small would likely work for you!
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